Curse Minecraft Server List

What is Curse?

Curse is a custom client with built in mod packs which you can choose from and download in one click. This is powerful due to the ability to package hundreads of mods that can work together to create an experience you can play with your friends you wouldn't be able to otherwise due to technical knowledge being required.

Curse Minecraft Servers

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CursedCraft is a no-grief PvE focused survival server that offers custom items, mobs, bosses, worlds, spawners, abilities and more!

Curse Economy PVE Survival Towny Vanilla


Apocalyptic Gaming Network is a 10+ year old network founded in 2010 that independently hosts modpacks from the classics to modern packs. We host...

Curse Economy Feed the Beast Skyblock Technic Launcher Towny


Bringing you our communities latest modpack! SkyFactory 4! From the refined ashes of LunarMC, Lunarius emerges to bring you a full experience with...

Adventure Curse Feed the Beast PVE Whitelist


Scarlet Sanctuary: Pixelmon

Pixelmon + Addons, TekTopia + addons, Ender Mail, Dynmap, Artifacts, Chisel, Bonsai Trees, Biomes O' Plenty, Compact Storage, Electroblob's...

Curse Economy Pixelmon Survival Whitelist


10/300 to jedyna w Polsce dostępna sieć serwerów minecraft na modach dla każdego! Znajdziesz u nas również czyste serwery pod...

Adventure Curse Network Skyblock Survival Vanilla


Cracked Curse Network Survival Whitelist