Technic Launcher Minecraft Server List

Technic Launcher Servers

These servers are modified in a way that can only be played from within the Technic Launcher, this launcher is used to combine mod packs into giant mods which allows players to hit one download button rather than self setup of many mods which can lead to bugs.

Technic Launcher Minecraft Servers

Rank Minecraft Server IP Address Game Modes


Are you a fan of Minecraft? Are you a fan of Pokemon? Then you are in the right place! Pixelmoncraft combines the two and on our player friendly...

Minigames MCMMO Network Pixelmon Survival Technic Launcher


Apocalyptic Gaming Network is a 10+ year old network founded in 2010 that independently hosts modpacks from the classics to modern packs. We host...

Curse Economy Feed the Beast Skyblock Technic Launcher Towny



SuperPixel is an established Pixelmon server that is being actively worked on. It may be small but it has some experienced people behind the scenes....

Economy Pixelmon Survival Technic Launcher


The SquidMiners Valhelsia 3 Modded Server

Welcome to the SquidMiners Valhelsia 3 modpack server! Equipped with over 200 Mods, the latest tech, magic, and building mods we all know and love....

Economy PVE Survival Technic Launcher


Custom Enchants Economy PVP Survival Survival Games Technic Launcher



[AtlantisMC] A brand new fresh Pixelmon Reforged experience with great features, a competitively focused community and a great time! [1.12.2]...

Economy Network Technic Launcher


You will start off as an exploration team going through the world, however some tension within the group causes people to separate and create their...

Adventure Economy Network PVP Survival Technic Launcher


The Lord of The Rings MMORPG Server/Modpack is a Minecraft server modpack based on The Lord of The Rings novel by J. R. R. Tolkien. It is packed...

Faction MCMMO PVP Survival Technic Launcher Whitelist


Darkness Within

Hello! We are a private server that newly became semi-private. This is a 1.7.10 modded server with over 200 mods with a 1:1500 scale Earth map with...

Bukkit Call of Duty Economy PVE Technic Launcher Towny


Age of Tech

Modpack Oficial do Servidor Age of Tech da Feather Network! Entre em nosso discord: Nosso servidor é patrocinado...

Cracked Feed the Beast Network Technic Launcher


Naruto Storm Online

Naruto Storm Online official server We use the Naruto Anime Mod Download our modpack:...

Adventure PVE PVP Survival Technic Launcher


Feed the Beast Network PVE Skyblock Technic Launcher


(Opened 3/27/22) | Revelations Mod-Pack | [BETA 3.50]

We're a Canadian-Based server hosting group, that hosts servers on games like Minecraft, Space Engineers, and many other survival crafting...

Survival Technic Launcher


Cracked Greifing PVP Survival Survival Games Technic Launcher