Whitelist Minecraft Server List

What is a Whitelisted Minecraft Server?

A whitelist is a parameter that can be set by server owners to only allow certain usernames the access to login and play. This is used to create communities and reduce the chance of griefing occurring to builds as players all know each other and who has access. Generally, a 3rd party system is used like Discord or a Forum to gain access to the server as you cannot simply login like most other server types.

Whitelist Minecraft Servers

Rank Minecraft Server IP Address Game Modes


Forget everything you know about Roleplay. Lord of the Craft is here to offer a radically different, impressively immersive journey into a...

Economy Roleplay Survival Whitelist



We are a Minecraft survival server with a friendly community, fun events, and big ideas in mind. We aim to offer a true-to-game survival...

Creative PVE Survival Survival Games Vanilla Whitelist


Vanilla Extract

We’re a new adult Minecraft server. We provide a vanilla trust-based gameplay experience with no game changing plugins. No teleports, no...

Survival Vanilla Whitelist



La Community di Amici In Game è lieta di presentare il suo nuovo server: AMICI IN GAME:​ Il server nasce con l'intento di dare agli...

Adventure Bedwars Minigames Network Vanilla Whitelist


Nomad Nation Network

Welcome! We are a small community of (mostly) mature players (18+). We've been playing together for over two years, from vanilla mc to heavily...

Network Survival Vanilla Whitelist



Thrones of Myridia is an immersive fantasy Minecraft server, with a strict focus on roleplay. On ToM you create your own character and steer through...

Custom Enchants Economy Roleplay Survival Vanilla Whitelist


Come join the fun and relaxing Minecraft adventure that is Vanilla Hype! We're a small whitelist server developing a mature and friendly...

Survival Vanilla Whitelist


HyperCraft Server

Seja bem-vindo Nós estamos contentes em ver que está aqui e se interessou pelo nosso servidor! O que somos nós? HyperCraft é um servidor survival com...

PVE Survival Whitelist


ComparatorCraftSMP A hermitcraft like server

♦️ ComparatorCraftSMP ♦️ Website [url]https://comparatorcraftsmp.net[/url] Discord To Apply In: [url]https://discord.gg/vQ4K4AwJGd[/url] Dynmap:...

Survival Vanilla Whitelist


Dragon Bird SMP

We are a new emerald economy SMP with a central spawn city and community focus. Discord membership is required to be whitelisted. Please join the...

Economy Survival Vanilla Whitelist


Kingdom of Azeroth K.o.A. offers a whole new Towny experience to Minecraft. While adding new and unique features, the core essence of survival has...

Cracked MCMMO PVE Survival Towny Whitelist


Minecraft Lovers

We've been here since 2013, and aren't going anywhere any time soon. We are what you would call a "semi-vanilla" server, which...

Bukkit MCMMO PVE Survival Whitelist


BareBones SMP Vanilla Survival

Minecraft Mature Vanilla Survival 1.17 Whitelisted, Dynmap, Anticheat, ACTIVE COMMUNITY! IP Address: play.barebonesmp.com Discord:...

Survival Vanilla Whitelist


FirmlyMC | 1.19.3

Whitelisted survival Minecraft server ! We do have friendly community and you're free to do anything you want like building xp farms...etc How...

PVP Survival Whitelist



StreamMC is een nieuwe opkomende Survival Multiplayer server gericht op opkomende en ervaren streamers en hun kijkers. Niet iedereen heeft tijd om...

Minigames Network Survival Whitelist


Evening Hills SMP

At Evening Hills, we believe that the single most important thing for a Minecraft server to have is a great community: a great community of active,...

Survival Vanilla Whitelist


The BetweenLands

Edit: 1.1.2022 - Added Discord Vanity Invite-Link - Basic Info The world is set to spawn the user in the BetweenLands instead of the OverWorld, the...

PVP Survival Whitelist



SCMCraft is a modded Minecraft server for 1.19.2 featuring Proximity VC, exploration mods, PVP mods, and several custom mods developed in-house, such...

Curse Faction Roleplay Survival Towny Whitelist



BluePlanet is a small, mostly vanilla SMP server. It's designed to provide a vanilla survival experience for people looking for a place to...

Economy Survival Vanilla Whitelist