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Towntopia ✰ SURVIVAL KEY FEATURES ✰ Slimefun (Addons are listed below) Realism (Trees fall like in real life, Mining is much more dangerous if you break the wrong block it may cause the too whole cave to collapse) Quests (Over 3000+ of unique quests, and their categories) Jobs (Do your regular stuff and get money in return) mcMMO (With some custom made roles) Player Economy (Earn and spend your money, money can be earned from various activities such as mining and fishing) Crates and Ranks (Over 10+ Custom crates and ranks, our server isn't P2W) Dungeons (Over 100+ Custom made dungeons, this took us almost 3 months) Structures (Over 3000+ Custom made structures are around the map, explore them for loot) Dynamic Map (See our game map on the website Unique Bosses (Challenge bosses for epic loot, they can be found mostly in dungeons) Daily events (Each day in Minecraft has a special buff) Bloodmoon (Beware of this night, most players cant survive it) Fishing Overhaul (New fishes, New mechanics, New loot) Mining Overhaul (Artifacts, Gem Stones, New Ores) Custom NPC (All NPC are self-made for example selling fishes, selling gemstones, buying unique items) Death map (Upon death you will receive a map where death location will be marked) Latest minecraft version 1.16.5 ✰ SLIME FUN ADDONS ✰ ExoticGarden, ColoredEnderChests, HotbarPets, SoulJars, ElectricSpawners, PrivateStorage, ChestTerminal, ExtraGear, ExtraHeads, SlimefunOreChunks, DyedBackpacks, SlimyTreeTaps, MobCapturer, LiteXpansion, EcoPower, SoundMuffler, ClayTech Join us and start playing! also we suggest using server resource pack which you will prompt on login

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Status Offline
Recommended Version 1.16.5
Host Location Afghanistan
Total Votes 1
Last Updated 3269 minutes ago
Join Date 2021-02-01 03:49:11
Game Modes Network PVP Survival Towny
Supported Versions 1.16.5

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