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Advanced-Kind is a new take on the Towny formula. It was built by Towny veterans and as such, you'll find a unique twist on the gameplay. Town production centers such as mines and breweries, a vanilla+ map that takes creativity to new heights, and a modern server experience with custom made features and a clean and sleek interface and chat with deep Discord integration. Features: -Custom Vanilla+ World. -Towny! (With custom upkeep and claims numbers to balance gameplay). -Jobs! (With 7 jobs, Woodcutter, Miner, Builder, Digger, Farmer, Hunter and Farmer, all balanced to create challenge and prevent hyperinflation). - McMMO (with a more rewarding level up scale than usually offered). -Perks! (Gain access to new functions and expand your existing permissions using In-game currency ) -Brewery! (Boil, distill and ferment your ingredients into drinks such as ale and beer! Get special modifiers and a cool chat effect when drinking them or get rich by becoming a Master Brewer once you discover all the rare combinations of ingredients and fermentation barrels!). Towns Exclusive Feature -TownyMines! (Create and level your mine as your city grows!). Towns Exclusive Feature -Bookshelves+! (Place enchanted books on the shelves surrounding an enchant table to increase the likelihood of that enchantment appearing!). Towns Exclusive Feature - Hostile Mobs+ (Mobs spawn with a chosen lvl from 1-10, going from vanilla to a slight challenge to make things more spicy when going out. Think twice before going out into the dark!). -Auction House (Place your items on /ah for everyone to see at any moment or even start your own Auction for players to bid on!). -Player Shops (Good ol' chests shops with a modern GUI). - Interactive Chat with Discord-Integration! (Talk with your friends from your phone with our Discord-Integration! As a player enjoy playing the funquizes or play on the lottery!). -And much more! Discord:

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IP Address
Status Online
Recommended Version 1.16.5
Host Location United States
Total Votes 4,886
Last Updated 593 minutes ago
Join Date 2020-09-20 01:51:05
Game Modes Economy MCMMO Skyblock Survival Towny
Supported Versions 1.16.5

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