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How do I play AetheriaSMP?

To play AetheriaSMP we recommend Minecraft Version 1.20.1. You can select different versions of Minecraft via the main menu when loading the launcher and select 1.20.1.

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A brief description of AetheriaSMP

Hey, I am the owner of AetheriaSMP, a refreshing and laid-back survival multiplayer experience. Currently, our SMP stands as our primary focus, dedicated to providing a tranquil and engaging gaming atmosphere. Our journey started in early August, and we remain steadfast in delivering regular updates to continually enhance the gameplay. Our vision encompasses a wide array of features, including the ability to claim territories and establish player-owned chest shops. Although we are still in the early stages of server development, our enthusiasm knows no bounds as we work tirelessly to establish AetheriaSMP as the ultimate destination for players seeking a unique and enjoyable experience. Our commitment extends to offering exclusive item textures, obtainable through crates and upcoming events. Notably, a substantial portion of these textures will be thoughtfully crafted by our talented team. At the heart of our mission is the creation of a server that nurtures meaningful player interactions within a relaxed setting. Unlike passive AFK servers, we are dedicated to curating immersive experiences for everyone to enjoy. To add a touch of excitement, our spawn area features a captivating parkour course, providing an entertaining way to spend your time while showcasing your agility and prowess. We take pride in announcing that we are currently running on the latest 1.20 version, ensuring that our players can experience all the cutting-edge features and enhancements that this update has to offer. The IP is:

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Recommended Version 1.20.1
Host Location Germany
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Total Votes 305
Last Updated 1076 minutes ago
Join Date 2023-08-02 11:01:43
Game Modes Economy Parkour Survival Vanilla
Supported Versions 1.20.1

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