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Chicken Kiev Craft

How do I play Chicken Kiev Craft?

To play Chicken Kiev Craft we recommend Minecraft Version 1.16.5. You can select different versions of Minecraft via the main menu when loading the launcher and select 1.16.5.

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A brief description of Chicken Kiev Craft

Chicken Kiev Craft What type of server are we Chicken Kiev Craft is a full survival server with no cheats or creative. We all just want to play a basic vanilla minecraft but with added features. We have grief prevention so you can play without being under threat from hackers or griefers. Claiming has also been added to allow you to have locked chests, doors etc. Ranks We love to keep up to date with all new features however basic ranks are still a great feature to have. This is why we have ranks with great added permissions. These are our current ranks: Guest, Member, VIP, Helper, Staff, Moderator, Co-Owner Owner. We do not allow new players to apply for a high ranks as we need to know you more as a player and you will become Member as soon as you play for a certain Rewards On Chicken Kiev Craft we love to reward our loyal players This is why we have now added reward chests. You can collect a daily, weekly, monthly, ultra and even a seasonal reward Each player has access to this to add extra fun Features Our aim is to have a vanilla minecraft survival server with some cool features that doesnt fade away from the typical minecraft. This is why we have great plugins to improve user play. We have claiming to protect from griefers, We have a report system to report players that arent following the server rules. All you need to do is type /report and then click the link. Another feature we have included is a daily reward system. To gain your reward simply type /dailybonus and these gifts will change When is our server open for players Our server is open all day, everyday as usual. This will change when we find a bug that needs fixing. This typically can be fixed within a few minutes however sometimes the server will be closed to Guest ranked players while in maintenance. If this is to happen all news will be posted on our discord and website Links below. Applying As you would expect, not all players can be Mods or Staff so this is why we have a close of applications when we recruit a certain amount of players as a Mod, Staff etc. However if the links are open feel free to apply if you really want to help out on the server. Please do not apply just for the permissions and the rank change. Each applications is looked at by the server owners and is reviewed. When both owners have made a decision we will contact you within 2 days either in game or via a provided email. Also, please remember that all Mods, Staff, Helpers and Owners are not paid for helping on the server they just are kind people who love to help make this server grow. Show them respect. Rules Like most great servers we have a set of rules that we want all players to follow. Our rules are pretty basic and only in place to keep the server a fun environment for all users and to ensure that no one is offended in any way. The rules may change and an occasional slip of the rules is OK in some cases however we do temp ban users. This is not what we like to do however some people dont like following rules. If your ever in doubt of what is correct to do on Chicken Kiev Craft feel free to type /rules, look on our website, discord or ask a friendly member of our team.

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Chicken Kiev Craft

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Recommended Version 1.16.5
Host Location United Kingdom
Rank 1370
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Total Votes 198
Last Updated 2950 minutes ago
Join Date 2017-10-16 13:18:00
Game Modes Bukkit Economy Survival
Supported Versions 1.16.5 1.16.4 1.16.3

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