Smooth Vanilla Survival - Whitelisted - Vanilla+ - 1.16.1

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Smooth Vanilla Survival - Whitelisted - Vanilla+ - 1.16.1

Smooth Vanilla Survival - Whitelisted - Vanilla+ - 1.16.1

Hello! Im advertising on here looking for some fresh players to come along and join us!I have been running my server for just over 2 months now, We have a great tight knit community which is looking for some more players to join. My server offers a fun / enjoyable experience. My server is hosted by a true dedicated host. Meaning no lag in game. We are looking for mature players Our Server is strictly an invite only system. You can simply apply by adding me on Discord, you will find my profile at the bottom of this post. Please read below if you want to know what add-ons we have on our server, we hope these will catch youre eye. We try our best to retain the vanilla core of Minecraft with some simple tweaks. We offer a player ran Shopping district at spawn where players can buy / sell items, we also have a tax system Monday - Thursday On the friday a draw is made where 3 players get the chance to win a cut of the tax each week. We also offer a PVP arena at spawn for players looking to have fights. Each Friday we run an event on our creative server. Up to 3 players can win rewards which are given to them in the survival server Pvp events which will be starting tomorrow. We Feature the following Plugins / datapacks. CoreProtect - Players can do /co i to see who has taken items / placed / mined blocks in your area Dynmap - Easily find a nice area for you to start base. LuckPerms - We have ranks such as the following [member] / [donator] Donator is simply a rank which shows you have supported the server. Nothing else since we are not pay to win. Sleep-Most - Allows players to skip night. Essentials / EssentialsChat - 99 of commands disabled. Only commands players can use are /msg , /r , /warp we only have 1 warp which is to spawn. Example /warp spawn. Other Plugins which i use for server related things. Datapacks Anti Creeper Grief Anti Enderman Grief Anti Ghast Grief Double Shulker Shells Player Head Drops Mob Head Drops Discord: DylSkiii5926 Website: Thank you for reading-Dyl Online Players - Last 24 hours
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