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How do I play FarmWarz?

To play FarmWarz we recommend Minecraft Version 1.18.1. You can select different versions of Minecraft via the main menu when loading the launcher and select 1.18.1.

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A brief description of FarmWarz

Warning: Server is for ages 18+ for mature themes. Welcome to FarmWarz!

FarmWarz is a "drug" server -  PVP-enabled SMP with a roleplay twist (and with GUNS!). The main way to gain money, ranks, and better tools/guns is through growing and selling drugs to NPC "Dealers" at spawn. You spawn in "The City", which contains more info about the server, many shops with free stuff, a bank, and Loot Crates (including a free daily one) - take a look around! Once you're set, you can get yourself a /kit, /rtp out into the wild and start growing!

Be warned! PVP, looting, raiding, and griefing (although not mass-griefing), is encouraged. Players will be looking around for you, your base, and your harvest. Make sure you hide your base, protect your valuables and harvest using unlockable P-Stones, and team up with other players by joining a Clan! Rank up as you go! Unlock more valuable drugs and buy from other players using player-owned shops to make a ton of profit! Climb your way to the top rank - Kingpin - and control the streets!

• Economy with NPC Shops
• RPG Levelling System (Aurelium Skills) with Level Scaling Mobs
• Land Claiming via Protection Stones
• Clans (Factions substitute) w/ Discord Clan Chat Hook
• 7 Server Ranks - Unlock more profitable drugs/crops! /ranks
• Raid Arenas - Pillager Mobs & Custom Bosses
• Essentials commands, including /home, /warp

New content will continuously be added. We're a newer server so we're open to any feedback. Join our discord for updates and to join the FarmWarz community:

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Game Modes Economy MCMMO PVP Raiding Roleplay Survival
Supported Versions 1.18.1

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