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Game Modes Bukkit Economy PVE Roleplay Survival
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Final Fantasy Crystalia

Final Fantasy Crystalia
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Server IP: Enjin: Discord: Final Fantasy Crystalia is a RPG Server unlike any other, while still containing the fun survival aspect of the game The server features the following and more - Level system with Combat, Skill, Forge, and Research levels that can be leveled up more as you play. - Custom Mobs with stats, skills, elemental strengths and weaknesses. - Battle system that rewards you based on how well you do. - Custom health system that gives you a chance to fight back even if your health is depleted. - Crystal equipment system to let you build your class up just how you want to: ... - Equip 3 Crystals or more as your level increases. ... - Crystals will determine what type of equipment and skills you can use. ... - Crystals can be upgraded to boost their stats. - Custom equipment with stats that can be upgraded in many different ways: ... - Rank up equipment to boost all stats. ... - Combine duplicate equipment to increase the rarity and boost all stats. ... - Enchance equipment to increase specific stats that you want. ... - Roll different bonuses stats on equipment to use to your advantage. - Skillbook system that lets you equip and use multiple skills as you want to in battle: ... - Up to 9 skillbooks can be equipped at the same time, and easily cycle through them in battle. ... - Skillbooks are upgradeable to increase the skills effects, such as damage, healing, buffs, and debuffs. ... - Lots of different combinations of skills you can use to your advantage in different situations. - Claim system that protects your land and rewards you with item production: ... - Claim land in chunks, with each land producing a specific type of item. ... - Harvest land production every 6 or more hours to receive loot that can be used. ... - Steal the production of other players lands by defeating their guard, but make sure you can handle the battle. - Use items and tactics to help you survive: ... - Tools that can gain the efficiency enchantment effect when you rank up the tool, making them faster. ... - Food and potions that can be right clicked to heal or grant buffs. ... - Sneak before a battle starts or go near a source of light to avoid nearby threats of battles. ... - Adventure with a group of friends to watch your back and fight together. - Create new skills, Forge new equipment, Research new studies, and find more items. ... - Create and use skills using orbs found in battle and events. ... - Forge new equipment using resource gained in survival. ... - Research new studies using resources gained in survival to learn more effective ways to do things. ... - Kill monsters, explore the land, shop, and complete events to find new and better equipment, crystals, and skillbooks to use. - Take advantage of and complete events. ... - Draw an item daily from the Daily Draw event to get new equipment, crystals, or skillbooks to use. ... - Use hard to find Mythril for Rare Draws to get rare items or better guaranteed. ... - Complete Crystalias Rewards event daily by checking what needs to be done and earning reward boxes that let you choose the reward you want. ... - Explore the land and find land events that can be used to your advantage to help you, or complete them for rewards. There is so much to do and find, so come check us out Server IP: Enjin: Discord:

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