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The Walking Dead Craft...

The Walking Dead Craft Survival


THE WALKING DEAD CRAFT [1.8.8] New and expanding server This is a zombie survival based server This is a newly made zombie survival server, where massive amounts of zombie hordes spawn. You will notice your exp bar will say level 20, that is your thirst bar, make sure you drink fresh water or you will die from thirst. There will also be other players that you might need to look out for, they could be out to take your items or help you. SURVIVE OR BE EATEN ALIVE!!!!!!! You will start out in the lobby, where there are shops to buy items from. Once you are ready to start go back to the spawn and choose a warp. Once you set out you will need to be sneaky smart and begin looking for chest to help you survive. You will earn ingame cash buy killing zombies or other players. The goal of this server is to exp a zombie apocalypse. On the server you will be able to, rent or buy plots, loot chest, earn ingame cash and more... Also we use the tool, hoe as guns (all hoes are guns) see in game signs for more information. often check back in areas, chest do restock! GUNS - Custom made 1.8.0 Guns Ammo Texture Pack download it here RANKS ECONOMY SHOPS SMP RP PVP/PVE DONATOR PACKS (further details below) Connect With: Rules RULES ARE SIMPLE SURVIVE OR BE EATEN ALIVE!!!!!! Do not Spam! If you have a complaint or need something please use this command to send us a message /mail send (to) (message) Do not ask for permissions Don’t Hack/Grief/Glitch No Mods Refrain from bad language Respect and listen to staff If you have been given protected ownership plots (donator kit) you are not allowed to steal items in the quarantine zones. DO NOT ADVERTISE! Perm Ranks * Unban Me Pass - This pass will allow you to be Unbanned from the server at the cost of $1 for first offence. MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE YOU MINECRAFT NAME IN THE PAYPAL NOTES AND TELL US THAT ITS FOR THE UNBANN PASS!!!!. Be sure to ask Fuzzzie12345678 or tups221 if you have any questions about donator ranks and packages. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ON DONATOR PACKAGES IF YOU ARE CAUGHT USING CHEATS YOU WILL BE BANNED JUST LIKE ANYONE ELSE. THESE PACKAGES ARE NOT A CHEATS ALLOWED PASS, !NO EXCEPTIONS! Donations are very appreciated and used to help keep this server up and expanding. Make sure you leave your MC ID name with your donation. Thank you! You can do this by leaving it in the note part of paypal. When using the donation button below your package will manually be setup, which will result in a delay, due to if the Owner or Co_Owner are on to set it up. Please have your parents’ permission to donate if you are under age, thank you.