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Hidden Sanctuary SMP (1.18.2) (PVP) (VANILLA+) (NEW)

How do I play Hidden Sanctuary SMP (1.18.2) (PVP) (VANILLA+) (NEW)?

To play Hidden Sanctuary SMP (1.18.2) (PVP) (VANILLA+) (NEW) we recommend Minecraft Version 1.18.2. You can select different versions of Minecraft via the main menu when loading the launcher and select 1.18.2.

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A brief description of Hidden Sanctuary SMP (1.18.2) (PVP) (VANILLA+) (NEW)

Hidden Sanctuary is a brand new 1.18.2 SMP Vanilla PvP & survival server. Fresh out of the womb, we aim to create a unique server that builds upon vanilla minecraft with content that blends right in. The most important aspect of this server is to provide a stable gaming experience that is completely PLAY TO WIN. Every player counts, on Hidden Sanctuary you matter as a player and we care about you! Your opinions and suggestions will always be heard! PVP Is enabled everywhere in the wilderness. Inventory items are dropped on death, no exceptions. To keep it short, the wilderness consists of the entire overworld except for LAND claims, which are purchasable grief-protected chunks you buy with ingame money. All server details can be found on discord under the channel #server-info. Before starting out on Hidden Sanctuary be sure to have a look at #server-guide too! We are going to build this server together as a community. Almost all significant changes to the server will be polled. The big decisions have already been made, so do not worry about any progress being lost. Overview of the server details: ◘ Survival Vanilla Minecraft on hard difficulty. ◘ Inventory items are dropped on death, no exceptions. ◘ PVP Enabled everywhere except for claims and 64x64 spawn-protection. ◘ Claims are bought with money. The first land (claim chunk) is on the house. ◘ Economy consists of money, EXP and items gathered. They can be traded between players in range. ◘ EXP will be used to gain special powers/enchants in future updates of the server. ◘ Money is earned by receiving dropped cash notes by slaying monsters, gathering valuable resources, building, exploring, fishing.. through pretty much anything you can do in Minecraft. ◘ Players can combine their LAND to form a nation, which can in turn go at war with eachother. ◘ Claims (LANDS/NATIONS) cost money to expand and create. There are also taxes and upkeep costs. ◘ Being at war with another nation or LAND makes it so you can PVP/Raid in each respective zone. ◘ Lands can form nations together, which can in turn declare war with eachother. ◘ Custom endgame content that is locked behind finding a rare teleport crystal in the END ◘ Vanilla world generator for the overworld, TERRA for the nether/end and custom content once 1.18.2 TERRA support is released. ◘ So much more. Trust me, so much more. Get involved and join us now @ IP: Discord: We hope to see you around on Hidden Sanctuary! Both testers and players are welcome since the gates have opened on 11/04/2022! Looking for 18+ mods.

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Hidden Sanctuary SMP (1.18.2) (PVP) (VANILLA+) (NEW)

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