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MidKnight Realm Test Server

How do I play MidKnight Realm Test Server?

To play MidKnight Realm Test Server we recommend Minecraft Version 1.17.1. You can select different versions of Minecraft via the main menu when loading the launcher and select 1.17.1.

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A brief description of MidKnight Realm Test Server

Hello all! For a while now, I have been working on creating a datapack that I have been trying to run on a server! There are many interesting features and new things to explore, so come test it out and enjoy some time in a cool new way of exploring in MineCraft. The server it is being run on is new to the public, but it is not ready for a full release just yet. We need more testing done but with a greater team, so we're looking for beta testers to help us find any bugs. If you're interested just hop in and start doing random things - find a bug or try to exploit glitches, either will help us greatly to release the full server as soon as possible. This world is purely in the testing stage and will be deleted for a fresh start on the release day (date not set), so don't build/gather to the extreme because it won't last forever. Because of this, in order to make it easier on those helping us, when you first join the server (and per every hour of playtime afterward), you will get a crate with random goodies (some of which are way overpowered), along with some items that I think you'll find very useful to play as a regular adventurer. When you find a bug or glitch, please report it in bugs on our discord ( so we can see it and discuss it. Also, if you can, create a thread related to that bug in the same channel so that we can discuss it without cluttering the channel. Please abuse these bugs to the best of your ability, and report how you did so in order for us to be able to fix it properly. However, don't do anything that you believe will break the server intentionally, as we only are really looking for constructive breakage from select trusted individuals at this moment, so please stick to constructive bug abuse instead. If you have any questions or confusion regarding this message, or the server itself, ask in the chat related to MineCraft on the discord server, and I or another Admin will be happy to help you out. To all of the people that help out with testing and then decide to stick around after the beta test, you'll be given a nice reward (to be decided as to what it will be) on the live version for helping us out. Hope to see you all on the discord soon, and can't wait to have many of you helping out on the server!

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MidKnight Realm Test Server

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