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Welcome to CrypticMC! This is a simple survival server. We also have BlockLocker. Which allows you to lock a chest and door and even your furnace! I have also added a grief protection plugin! This should enable the player to have a seamless experience. These simple features make for a more enjoyable survival experience. We also have added a chest shop for all your shopping needs! If you have any ideas on what to add, let me know! Thank you! Technical Specification: Zero block lag server, great connection server is based in the East Coast of the United States. Intel Xeon processors (Packs 28 cores running at 2.5ghz) powering the server with 7GB Unbuffered ECC ram. Very fast and very fluid! NvMe SSD storage also provides extremely good loading speeds for any type of connection. Plugin Explanation: -Grief Prevention: which is enabled as soon as you join. All you need to do is set down a chest and it will enable your property to be protected from the ground to the sky. To expand it all you need to do is have a golden shovel and hit one corner to remap it. -Block Locker: enables a player to lock doors, chests, furnaces, really anything you can think of. It works side by side with the Grief Protection plugin. Use a sign with [Private] on the first line and the second one would be your IGN. -Treecapitator: does as it sounds! Hit the bottom log and the entire tree will fall. Makes it so much easier to gather wood and other materials. -Random Teleport: since we are a simple survival server, this plugin is an essential part so you do not bump heads with players and you will have a great distance between multiple players! -GreatKits: allows a player to get kits when they first start and donation packages will be available upon request! -mcMMO: an RPG-like skill based plugin where you earn rewards for honing in your skills for mining, fishing, tree cutting, mob killing and so on! -Jobs Reborn: a plugin where you can select jobs and earn money towards your work. Jobs include Baker, Miner, Farmer, Fisherman, Tool Maker and so on! There are so many jobs you are able to join and make money from. -Backpacks: Does exactly as it sounds! Allows a player to use a backpack when running around exploring in our expansive beautiful world. We have just released our Creative World! Sound enticing? Join now and see what it's all about! Discord server:

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IP Address
Status Offline
Recommended Version 1.16.5
Host Location United States
Total Votes 95
Last Updated 1896 minutes ago
Join Date 2019-02-12 11:48:07
Game Modes Bukkit Economy MCMMO Skyblock Survival
Supported Versions 1.16.5 1.16.4 1.16.3

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