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R2F [PVP] {Raiding} {1.19.4}

How do I play R2F [PVP] {Raiding} {1.19.4}?

To play R2F [PVP] {Raiding} {1.19.4} we recommend Minecraft Version 1.19.4. You can select different versions of Minecraft via the main menu when loading the launcher and select 1.19.4.

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A brief description of R2F [PVP] {Raiding} {1.19.4}

About R2F:
R2F is a no protection raiding and pvp server with minimal administration and moderation. We have just launched our first season! This map is guaranteed to last for at least 6 months but our current plans are to not start a new season until January 2024.
We have many qol features available such as warps, /home and /tpa commands to make the survival experience as user friendly as possible. We however do make some controversial changes to increase the value of pvp and raiding. Ender chests are disabled, totems have a 10 minute cooldown, and elytras are disabled when in combat. You can build, raid other players, make a clan and do anything you can think of! We have a brand new Discord server that can be joined by typing “/discord link” in game.
Admins at R2F pride ourselves on our off hands approach to moderation and respect you as a player. Mojang chat reporting has been disabled on our server. We are a group of individuals that just want a fun place to play survival with server resets every few major updates to keep things fresh. We hope you will join the server and have a lot of fun! Also please join our discord to stay informed and talk with other community members!

1: Hacking is NOT permitted and will result in a ban. Some client mods can appear to staff as unfair advantages. Bans caused by using unapproved client mods will be treated as if you were using a hacked client. Approved client mods will be found in our discord.
2: Follow staff directions. If an admin asks you to stop doing something and mentions rule 2, you can be punished at their discretion for continuing. This rule will only be used rarely in extreme cases.

How popular is R2F [PVP] {Raiding} {1.19.4}?

Currently there is 1 online out of a possible 100. The number of votes this month is 0 since the 1st. Voting allows you to get rewards for free.

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R2F [PVP] {Raiding} {1.19.4}

IP Address
Server Score
Status Online
Recommended Version 1.19.4
Host Location United States
Rank 900
Players Online 1
Votes this Month 0
Total Votes 33
Last Updated 811 minutes ago
Join Date 2022-08-05 17:43:53
Game Modes Greifing PVP Raiding Survival Vanilla
Supported Versions 1.19.4

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