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The Realm

How do I play?

To play The Realm we recommend Minecraft Version 1.18.1 to play. You can select different versions of Minecraft via the main menu when loading the launcher and select 1.18.1, the correct jar will begin to download.

Vote For The Realm

To get the IP click on the Copy IP button (or copy the text manually) and it will place the IP Address in your clipboard. Use CTRL+V to paste the copied IP Address into the Server Address box on Windows. CMD+X on Mac.

What Game Modes are on this Minecraft Server?

We allow servers to display 6 total Game Modes at maximum, so many server owners select the most popular ones for you to find the most players on. The Realm supports the following: Greifing PVE PVP Survival Vanilla

How popular is The Realm?

Currently there is 3 online out of a possible 100 maximum, so get on quick! The number of votes this month is 100 since the 1st. Voting allows you to get rewards for free such as Vote Keys for rolls on a chest drop.

Where is The Realm hosted?

The Minecraft Server Hosting is located in Canada which allows for the best connect speed when closest to the server. The server is currently Online.

What is this Minecraft Server?

Survival. **No BS. No Pay to win**, ranks, items or anything - No In game purchases of anykind. No server resets Clans PVP Arenas, FFA and 1v1. Every player gets the same opportunity and perks! Set 50 homes per player! Koth, /back Spleef in spawn. Every mob can drop heads Dragon drops an egg every time. PVP everywhere except spawn! Keepinv=true PVP area inside spawn. Raiding/Griefing encouraged! 30 million world border! New weapons and armor, for end game players and more interesting PVP. A new server designed for a no-nonsense survival multiplayer experience. The server has a few plugins and tweaks to increase the overall fun factor beyond vanilla single player. Players can set homes, teleport to and from each other and trade for resources in spawn among a few. There is also multiplayer sleeping mechanics and a mob head and dragon egg currency system. There are a few god items available in spawn stronger than normally achievable but these are fairly simple and enhance the fun - nothing too crazy. There are lots of plans for this server, including weekly and daily pvp events.

Most Recent Voters

Below are the five most recent players to vote for The Realm and to recieve a reward. Once you have connected to the Minecraft Server you too will be able to vote and gain access to prizes.

Minecraft Player Username Score

The Realm

IP Address
Server Score
Status Online
Recommended Version 1.18.1
Host Location Canada
Rank 341
Total Votes 257
Last Updated 587 minutes ago
Join Date 2021-11-28 07:07:15
Game Modes Greifing PVE PVP Survival Vanilla
Supported Versions 1.18.1

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