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How do I play Valoria?

To play Valoria we recommend Minecraft Version 1.20.2. You can select different versions of Minecraft via the main menu when loading the launcher and select 1.20.2.

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A brief description of Valoria

ValoriaMC Soft-Factions Tired of Pay-2-Win servers? Well fortunately for you that was one of the main goals while creating ValoriaMC! We have currently 8 ranks and plan to implement more! These ranks can be achieved in-game by obtaining certain dollar amounts! We also have created this server with the idea and orientation in which we are promoting the use of complex grinders and afk systems. TNT is disabled which means you can build your dream Giga Creeper Factory and not have to worry about players blowing it up. The trade-off to this is that you can be overclaimed by being attacked by fellow players. If they are able to knock your power below that of your claimed land then you can be overclaimed. Game Flow The goal of our server is to win FTOP! This will be decided at the end of the season! Winning FTOP will mean a series of things depending on your location in the rankings.  Features We have so many features I won't be able to cover them all in this list but they are all added to maintain the scope of our server. Like stated above we support you and your endeavors to create the ultimate farm and win FTOP, let's see you do it! Custom Enchants, that is right we have custom enchants in which you are able to take advantage of once reaching a certain rank in-game! Reminder these can all be achieved for free! Dynmap, we feel as if this is a standard in modern day Minecraft as it is simply our system of navigation for our world. Duels, these are duels in which you an 1v1 your enemy our buddy in taking in your own or pre-designed armour. These can be completed without and worries of losing gear or power. Java + Bedrock, we support both Java and Bedrock and want to include everyone on this journey as everyone should have the right to compete! FREE Ranks, I am putting this down here as any time I had played on servers in the past I had always seen this as a benefit / feature! Collectors, Plugins implemented in which allow you to obtain Collectors in which will collect items dropped within your chunk eliminating the process of requiring a complex hopper / collection system. Skills, of course we have skills ! This skill tree includes multiple skills in which all have multiple levels! These levels are all customizable with certain levels unlocking premium features or powers! Voting, voting is implemented on the server as a means to support you the player along with support us the server! Voting for you gives us you money and in-game rewards and gives us points in the server columns! VoteParties, vote-parties are self explanatory as once the goal of votes is reached their will be an automatic free key handed out to all online players! Crates, these go hand in hand with our Voting as voting will get you crate keys in which you can than use those crate keys on the different crates we have implemented. Their is so much more that we have implemented and can't wait for your the player to come check out and try! Remember the server is still currently whitelisted but will be live TODAY!!! JOIN NOW

How popular is Valoria?

Currently there is 0 online out of a possible 0. The number of votes this month is 0 since the 1st. Voting allows you to get rewards for free.

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Recommended Version 1.20.2
Host Location Canada
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Last Updated 267 minutes ago
Join Date 2023-09-24 18:14:11
Game Modes Custom Enchants Economy Faction MCMMO PVP Raiding
Supported Versions 1.20.2 1.20.1 1.20

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