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How do I play?

To play AlphaAssassins we recommend Minecraft Version 1.16.5 to play. You can select different versions of Minecraft via the main menu when loading the launcher and select 1.16.5, the correct jar will begin to download.

Vote For AlphaAssassins

To get the IP click on the Copy IP button (or copy the text AAFaction.Online manually) and it will place the IP Address in your clipboard. Use CTRL+V to paste the copied IP Address into the Server Address box on Windows. CMD+X on Mac.

What Game Modes are on this Minecraft Server?

We allow servers to display 6 total Game Modes at maximum, so many server owners select the most popular ones for you to find the most players on. AlphaAssassins supports the following: Custom Enchants Economy Faction PVE PVP Raiding

How popular is AlphaAssassins?

Currently there is 0 online out of a possible 0 maximum, so get on quick! The number of votes this month is 0 since the 1st. Voting allows you to get rewards for free such as Vote Keys for rolls on a chest drop.

Where is AlphaAssassins hosted?

The Minecraft Server Hosting is located in United States which allows for the best connect speed when closest to the server. The server is currently Offline.

What is this Minecraft Server?

We are the Alpha Assassins Staff Team, and we would like to invite you to start playing on our server Alpha Assassins. We currently are a MCMMO Factions server based in the United States. Here is a little bit of our background and how we got here: We started in early April and have been slowly accepting players to join our staff team, even though we had some hiccups at the start, we have gotten passed those and have moved on. Our team is currently consisted of two owners, a co-owner, an admin, a moderator, and one builder. We hope to increase our team and give it full potential. Since we are a small startup Minecraft server, we hope to gain more people as time proceeds along. We would love to have player feedback in our Discord Channel link will be below, for example, new plugin ideas, or shop items, etc. As staff, we want the player and the staff member to get along, build the trust, therefore the player stays and has fun. We dont expect anything from the player other than following the simple rules. Because we are a startup server, we still need some necessities to improve the gameplay and social network of this server. Here below is some stuff we need: Staff Members - 1 to 2 Admins - 1 to 2 Moderators - If you dont feel like you are worthy of those 2 positions, we also have applications on our Discord for 4 Trainee Spots. - More builders the better, builders need to get along with his/her fellow builders. - Developer, if you can code plugins that would be great, or even a custom discord bot. We understand that our necessities are just Staff Members currently, but as time progresses we will have more to come. Anyways, getting back on track, little information about the owners and co-owner, IGN: StaticNoize Celestial09 Ages: 23-21 Hobbies: Videogames lol Co-Owner: IGN: Manlyistman Age: 20 Hobbies: Designing stuff :D We arent young kids running a server, we are mature adults who just want to have fun, while letting their players have fun at the same time. We love to help, but if you treat us with an attitude, we will treat you the same way. There is no tolerance of any attitude given to the staff members. You, as player on our server, must understand that we are using our money to support this server for you, if you dont want to play on the server, by all means you can leave. But relating to money, because we are running this server on money, if you want to donate to us link to our Buycraft site will be down below. Donating to us will greatly impact the server, while impacting your gameplay as we have ranks for you to purchase, while as said previously supports us and you. Check our Buycraft site for more information. Join Us: -Server IP: AAFaction.Online -Discord: -Forums: Donate: - Thank you for your time, Alpha Assassins Staff Team

Most Recent Voters

Below are the five most recent players to vote for AlphaAssassins and to recieve a reward. Once you have connected to the Minecraft Server you too will be able to vote and gain access to prizes.

Minecraft Player Username Score


IP Address
Server Score
Status Offline
Recommended Version 1.16.5
Host Location United States
Rank 2223
Total Votes 2
Last Updated 8 minutes ago
Join Date 2018-05-05 21:42:58
Game Modes Custom Enchants Economy Faction PVE PVP Raiding
Supported Versions 1.16.5 1.16.4 1.16.3

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