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To play World of Abreth we recommend Minecraft Version 1.16.5 to play. You can select different versions of Minecraft via the main menu when loading the launcher and select 1.16.5, the correct jar will begin to download.

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We allow servers to display 6 total Game Modes at maximum, so many server owners select the most popular ones for you to find the most players on. World of Abreth supports the following: Adventure Bukkit Parkour Roleplay Survival Whitelist

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Currently there is 0 online out of a possible 0 maximum, so get on quick! The number of votes this month is 0 since the 1st. Voting allows you to get rewards for free such as Vote Keys for rolls on a chest drop.

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The Minecraft Server Hosting is located in United Kingdom which allows for the best connect speed when closest to the server. The server is currently Offline.

What is this Minecraft Server?

Welcome to the World of Abreth In an age long ago, nine gods molded the earth, the sky and the seas. These wise deities then named this world Abreth.. Abreth, a vast world engulfed in eternal conflict, terrifying magics and a constant struggle for survival. This world houses many continents, most of them unexplored, filled with hidden treasures of forgotten years. The world recorded by the mortal humans of the Alrion Empire is known to contain four continents: Selantion, Vartiel, Raenia and Zetiyth. Selantion is a northern land full of fjords, hills, mountains, plains and rivers. It is currentedly inhabited by humans and dwarves. Vartiel is a southern land consisting of plains, mountains, jungles, deserts, canyons and large forests. It consists of human, elven and ooklar folk. Raenia is a warm land full of plains, barren wastelands, jungles, mountains and riverlands. It is home of the minotaur and the Zinkgalka ooklar. Zetiyth is a continent where the original humans live. It is as ancient as can be, filled with fjords, icecold mountains and snow everywhere. croppedabreth1zpscclvi9qk.jpg The Playable Races Humans Elves Ooklar Minotaur Dwarf In these continents, five known mortal races walked the lands, eager to survive and grow as a people. These folks have waged wars on eachother and often themselves as well, however no matter how different these folks may be, no matter how much conflict they had in history, perhaps one day they might need eachother in the upcoming storms foretold in legend. Humans Mankind are the most common folk to encounter in the world of Abreth. Having long ago originated from the ancient continent of Zetiyth, they have now spread across three continents, each having formed their own kingdoms. - The Humans of Selantion Ruling the continent of Selantion, these humans march under the banner of the Alrion Empire, the most dominant kingdom in Abreth. Currently ruled under by High King Remus II who rules from afar in the Alrion Isles, and by his son King Ricros Alrion who rules from the mainland of Selantion itself. Their main capital city lies in the West of Selantion, it is the great city of Valcrest, that is where the son of the high king rules. It also houses a wizard academy lead under Archmage Torben Glorfiend. They are currently in a tight alliance with the pale dwarves from the northern mountains of Selantion, and befriended the native minotaur of Raenia. Together they stand against their eternal rival from the south the humans of Vartiel, known as the Kingdom of Iros. With recently having overcome and purged the reanimate plague and having conquered the northern Vartiel region of Harhelm, the Alrion Empire stands stronger than ever -Click here for extended Selantion Human lore- - Humans of Vartiel While Vartiel used to be ruled by the elves for ten thousands of years, it is now ruled by the human kingdom of Iros. Ruling over once elven lands, the Irosian people own more riches than any. Housing the great desert region of Ordilas, which is where the wizard capital lies, a place where all wizards travel to atleast once in their lifes. The Kingdom of Iros is ruled by King Hanor Whitley and find their alliance with the ooklar, a peaceful monkey race living in the south of Vartiel and a small group of elves answers their call. Their sole enemy are the people of the Alrion Empire, the men of Selantion. The Selantion soil belongs to the Irosian Kingdom, it is an ancient right -Click here for extended Vartiel Human lore- - Humans of Zetiyth The humans of Zetiyth are the most ancient of humans. Zetiyth is in fact the continent where the original humans came from. They are a mysterious barbarian country and have recently secluded themselves from most of the world and its affairs. Some however dare venture out into the world. -Click here for extended Zetiyth Human lore- medievalguyconcept8fbzps7e5kod90.jpg The Blessed Elves - The Elves of Eternia The blessed elves of Eternia once reigned over all of Vartiel and long ago they even served as guardians of Abreth, appointed by the nine gods themselves. Those times are now long gone however. After losing most of their land to the humans, the elves of Eternia have now secluded themselves from the rest of the world. They now serve an unnamed dark god that has put the kingdom into a slumber. No one was allowed into Eternia, nor was anyone allowed to escape Eternia. Ruled under the ancient elven ruler Queen Aria, they hope to one day reign supreme like they used to in the ancient days. - Those Who Escaped Eternia Some elves do not stand for this isolation however and have escaped the prison-like kingdom. These freedom seeking elves formed refuge in the oasis region of Ordilas, currently protected by the Wizard King Androth. Mia Alfhelme is the current leader of the escaped elves and hopes to lead her people to a new life, leaving behind thousands of years of history in order to start anew. -Click here for extended Elven lore As an elf it is especially recommended to do so- Untitled-4zps378s8jbf.jpg The Ooklar The ape folk that go by the name of Ooklar are a curious race. These monkey folk are in tune with nature. While many Ooklar often lean onto primal emotions, many Ooklar folk are wise and spiritual. The Ooklar can be found on the continents of Vartiel and Raenia. - The Ooklar of Vartiel Inhabiting the south of Vartiel is the Ooklar Kingdom Sonkuru. These ape folk have existed in a time before even the first elves reached the surface of the world. In an age long ago they were merely a collection of tribal clans, now they are a kingdom of peace, wisdom and trade. Their king, referred to as Son rules from the ancient jungle capital city Shangpa. It is currently ruled by Son Natu, along with the Seven Monk Sages who assist the king in ruling a country of peace. -Click here for extended Vartiel Ooklar lore- - The Ooklar of Raenia On the other side of the world, another Ooklar folk lives. On the continent of Raenia, the Zinkgalka clan lives. These Ooklar united under one clan live in the far southern reaches of Raenia. Their existence is not as old as the Vartiel Ooklar however, which means they are still a very tribal folk. Like the Vartiel Ooklar, they are very spiritual, but in a more shamanistic way. One special trait these Ooklar have is their ability to harvest energy from magical trees. -Click here for extended Raenia Ooklar lore- Untitled-6zpsowcsxovh.jpg The Minotaur - The Proud Minotaur of Raenia The minotaur are a proud cow-like race, their existence going back ten thousands of years. These proud horned folks live in a code of honor and barbarism. The minotaur hail from the continent of Raenia, which has always been their home. Recently, a religious conflict has risen with the minotaur people. Once only serving the God of Chaos and War Roknogar, a small group of minotaur people have enlightened themselves and now serve the Father of All, the God of Light Xuton. This awakening has caused conflicts in Raenia recently, and matters are still unsolved. Those serving the God of Light Xuton have found themselves a new ally in the Alrion Empire. Together with the people of Selantion they hope to spread the teachings of Xuton. The majority of the minotaur folk however, serve Roknogar only and are suspicious of all other folks. -Click here for extended Minotaur Lore- Untitled-9zps8wcz0dxx.jpg The Dwarves - The Dwarves of Nhurdin Long ago the dwarves in the far north of Selantion, in the great and cold mountain range of Everwinter lived on the surface until they were forced underground by the threat of wyverns and dragons. The dwarves were adept at mining and built one of the greatest cities known to man underground. They lived and prosperred well, the dwarves mined up endless riches, from gold to arcanite. One day, the dwarves digged far too deep. They discovered a banished demi-god going by the name of Igroth. A malicious being it was and a danger to the entire kingdom of Nhurdin. The dwarves resisted this now unchained god, but it was already too late. The dwarven folk were forced to escape to the surface, not having seen the light of day for hundreds of years they had become pale. Hence why they are often referred to as the Pale Dwarves. They travelled south and have become perhaps the closest ally to the Alrion Empire. The King of Dwarves, Kastig Dornoth shares a close relationship with High King Remus Alrion II, they are like brothers. Together with the people of Selantion, the dwarves seek a new age of prosperity and to one day reclaim their fallen kingdom. -Click here for extended Dwarven Lore- Stranded This story began moments after the server started. And is the story your character finds itself in It is the year 1592 AS. You find yourself inside the great city of Tharstor Harbour in the continent of Raenia, enjoying the luxuries and pleasantries that are offered there on the midst of a casual journey or great adventure. It is only a matter of time before the city is assaulted by an unknown enemy and the common folk must escape by the sea. You find yourself among oddities who have also found their way here alive. Upon setting sail, you hear the screams of other men and women who did not make it to the evacuation and the city is left in a maze of thick smoke. Unaware of where the boat will take you, you drift off to sleep with the sound of the waves beneath your feet. You awake not long after to the sound of chaos as the crew and other survivors are in a blind panic. You step outside to be met with a giant kraken that tears the ship in half with very little effort. That is the last thing you remember.. You awake, stranded on the beach of an unexplored land. Stumbling to your feet. You seek to find other survivors like you. Survivors of A New World Stranded you have been on this new continent, for one year now.. It is the current year of 1593 AS, or atleast that is what you assume. This land is wild and untamed, countless unknown beasts roam this land, perhaps more dangerous than the land you hailed from.. In your quest for survival, you have perhaps stumbled upon dark creatures that roam the land.. Undead, they are.. Controlled by a warlock.. In every corner of this new land, they lurk.. These beings go by the name of the Flokk and are a horror never seen before.. Perhaps you have survived a year in the wilds alone, yes.. A long long time.. Or perhaps you were lucky enough to have stumbled upon other survivors and stuck through this dark year with them.. Rumor has it of a band of survivors having risen above the threats of this untamed land. The people that stood united against the Flokk.. They call themselves the people of Kilm and in their unity they have built a town with walls. They are a sanctuary for survivors of all races. They seek to help those still out there.. surviving. One day, you will be stood infront of their gate.. Or perhaps you already live amongst them. This is the story your character finds itself in, a survivor of these terrible events, stranded on uncharted land. Your character has been on this unknown continent for one year now Discover the extended lore of Abreth Now that you have been introduced to the world of Abreth, it is very recommended to delve into the extended and ever-expanding lore sections. Be sure to dive into the God Lore, it explains lore that reaches back to the age of creation and the important god war For elves it is especially recommended to do so And as always dont forget to read the rules before you apply tumblrog4rr5gCz31qzh2aio6540zpsyhzhl1x9.gif

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