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[size18pt]IP:[/size] [hr][/hr] [size14pt]Introduction:[/size] [size12pt]Atlas is a small, friendly, community survival server, with mature staff always willing to help you. This is a non-grief and non-random PvP server but we offer many fun games and events that players can take part in, including a PvP arena and a MobArena. We have a resource world for players to find all the resources they need and kits to help get you started. A fun plugin youll find here would be McMMo With added donor exp boosts [/size] [hr][/hr][size12pt][size14pt]Notable plugin mentions:[/size] McMMO Chest Shop Multiverse Silkspawners OldPvP Votifier Ultra Cosmetics[/size] [hr][/hr][size12pt][size14pt]What makes us different from all the other survival servers:[/size] We have configured all that can be configured, McMMO now has a real end-game, if you reach level 1000 in anything, and youll have 100 chance in everything, or even x8 drops with mining Weve also installed silk-spawners, as a member youre able to mine a spawner, get a spawn egg, and transform another spawner with the very same egg, you can even buy with in-game money the ability to take the entire spawner an admin ticket support system if you have an issue but need to go, or a staff member has logged out for the night, utilise /report and the next staff member to login will find it and hopefully rectify it Weve also installed a referall plugin to reward players to tell their friends about the server [/size] [size12pt]something im most proud of We are completely 100 EULA compliant, anything that donors can buy can easily be obtained within a reasonable time with votes, rewards or even money[/size] [size12pt]We also have a quarry world with increased ore rates, making your mining experience far more enjoyable and profitable[/size] [size12pt]However most of all, our pride, and joy we have enabled unsafe enchantments, and let players to buy/trade for OP enchantments Ever wanted unbreaking X on all your toolsarmour well now you can. Even fortune X Luck of the sea X sharpness X, end even thorns X. But we wont stop there if youre really running high on money, buy or exchange all those Rank X enchantment books for higher and better enchantments Just imagine what you could do with a sharpness 100 sword, or even a power 500 bow[/size][hr][/hr][size12pt][size14pt]So how easy is making money:[/size] Obviously, with any server making money has its bounds, We dont want to make it possible to become a millionaire on your first week. However with the lottery you can multiply your money every 12 hours. Weve enabled the /sell command to encourage the building and/or sharing of farms[/size]

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IP Address
Status Offline
Recommended Version 1.16.5
Host Location United Kingdom
Total Votes 9
Last Updated 3161 minutes ago
Join Date 2017-09-28 17:03:25
Game Modes Adventure Bukkit Economy MCMMO OP PVP PVE
Supported Versions 1.16.5 1.16.4 1.16.3

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