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How do I play?

To play AtlasCraft we recommend Minecraft Version 1.16.5 to play. You can select different versions of Minecraft via the main menu when loading the launcher and select 1.16.5, the correct jar will begin to download.

Vote For AtlasCraft

To get the IP click on the Copy IP button (or copy the text manually) and it will place the IP Address in your clipboard. Use CTRL+V to paste the copied IP Address into the Server Address box on Windows. CMD+X on Mac.

What Game Modes are on this Minecraft Server?

We allow servers to display 6 total Game Modes at maximum, so many server owners select the most popular ones for you to find the most players on. AtlasCraft supports the following: Adventure Bukkit Economy MCMMO OP PVP PVE

How popular is AtlasCraft?

Currently there is 0 online out of a possible 0 maximum, so get on quick! The number of votes this month is 0 since the 1st. Voting allows you to get rewards for free such as Vote Keys for rolls on a chest drop.

Where is AtlasCraft hosted?

The Minecraft Server Hosting is located in United Kingdom which allows for the best connect speed when closest to the server. The server is currently Offline.

What is this Minecraft Server?

[size18pt]IP:[/size] [hr][/hr] [size14pt]Introduction:[/size] [size12pt]Atlas is a small, friendly, community survival server, with mature staff always willing to help you. This is a non-grief and non-random PvP server but we offer many fun games and events that players can take part in, including a PvP arena and a MobArena. We have a resource world for players to find all the resources they need and kits to help get you started. A fun plugin youll find here would be McMMo With added donor exp boosts [/size] [hr][/hr][size12pt][size14pt]Notable plugin mentions:[/size] McMMO Chest Shop Multiverse Silkspawners OldPvP Votifier Ultra Cosmetics[/size] [hr][/hr][size12pt][size14pt]What makes us different from all the other survival servers:[/size] We have configured all that can be configured, McMMO now has a real end-game, if you reach level 1000 in anything, and youll have 100 chance in everything, or even x8 drops with mining Weve also installed silk-spawners, as a member youre able to mine a spawner, get a spawn egg, and transform another spawner with the very same egg, you can even buy with in-game money the ability to take the entire spawner an admin ticket support system if you have an issue but need to go, or a staff member has logged out for the night, utilise /report and the next staff member to login will find it and hopefully rectify it Weve also installed a referall plugin to reward players to tell their friends about the server [/size] [size12pt]something im most proud of We are completely 100 EULA compliant, anything that donors can buy can easily be obtained within a reasonable time with votes, rewards or even money[/size] [size12pt]We also have a quarry world with increased ore rates, making your mining experience far more enjoyable and profitable[/size] [size12pt]However most of all, our pride, and joy we have enabled unsafe enchantments, and let players to buy/trade for OP enchantments Ever wanted unbreaking X on all your toolsarmour well now you can. Even fortune X Luck of the sea X sharpness X, end even thorns X. But we wont stop there if youre really running high on money, buy or exchange all those Rank X enchantment books for higher and better enchantments Just imagine what you could do with a sharpness 100 sword, or even a power 500 bow[/size][hr][/hr][size12pt][size14pt]So how easy is making money:[/size] Obviously, with any server making money has its bounds, We dont want to make it possible to become a millionaire on your first week. However with the lottery you can multiply your money every 12 hours. Weve enabled the /sell command to encourage the building and/or sharing of farms[/size]

Most Recent Voters

Below are the five most recent players to vote for AtlasCraft and to recieve a reward. Once you have connected to the Minecraft Server you too will be able to vote and gain access to prizes.

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IP Address
Server Score
Status Offline
Recommended Version 1.16.5
Host Location United Kingdom
Rank 1847
Total Votes 9
Last Updated 2825 minutes ago
Join Date 2017-09-28 17:03:25
Game Modes Adventure Bukkit Economy MCMMO OP PVP PVE
Supported Versions 1.16.5 1.16.4 1.16.3

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