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Avrona World is a revolutinary server out for 1 year and 4 months now. It is a fullly vanilla server. No plugins or mods. However it isnt survival or creative. Instead it is a full hub server Yes a hub server, plugin free. It has parkour, droppers, an economy system, singleplayer minigames and two completely custom game modes called Campaign Mode and Crazy Castles. ALL IN VANILLA NO PLUGINS Parkour: Parkour is pretty self-explanetory. You jump, run, and make your way around a large collection of custom made tracks. filled to the brim with detail. Your prize You get some money and xp, both of which I will talk about in the economy system section. These parkour courses are seperated by difficulty. They are either easy, medium, hard, or nightmare. The harder they are, the better the loot is. Droppers: In our obstacle arcade, we have both parkour, and droppers. Try and survive a long and complicate drop from the top into the safety of water below. Otherwise, it has the same mechanics as parkour. The same rewards and the same difficulties. Economy System: We pride ourselves in a fully vanilla system with such things like currency, ranks, and even our own mystery chests with lots of rewards. When you earn money, you can spend it on a large amount of items. We have a selection of shops, selling hats, gadgets, fireworks, and special seasonal items when some special occasion is around. We also from time-to-time have events known as Central Festivals which include exclusive items. Under the economy system, we also include our leveling system. The more activities you do on the server, the more xp you will get. Every time you reach a new level, you get a reward and certain things on the server require a certain minimum level. Your level, however, is shared across the whole server. For example, if you want to buy an item in Crazy Castles that you need level 4 for, you can get there by just doing parkour and droppers. This allows you to play to your strengths, making earning xp challenging, but not seem like grinding. Minigames: We have a collection of singleplayer minigames, all made without plugins and all of them are exclusive to Avrona World. They have never been done before. They all feature their unqiue challanges and rewards, like money, xp, and mystery chests. We feature limited minigames only available as part of seasonal celebrations. Our minigames include games like: Brain Chase, where you run from hordes of zombies, while faced with a lot of challenges. Campaign Mode: This is a brand new way to experience adventure maps. Unlike regular adventure maps, these are more linear and have a level design similar to games like Sonic and Splatoon. This allows the gameplay to be more dynamic and exploring the levels vertically to be more of a key feature. This creates a new way to explore the vibe of an adventure map. Mixed with kits and a story going on in the background, it is a fun experience any adventure map lover should try. Crazy Castles: This is by-far the most ambitious game mode on the server. It takes the basis of a MOBA game, like League of Legends and Happy Wars, while mixing in elements of kit combat, and stratergy games like Age of Empires Online. Your main mission is to go into battles against armies of mobs and complete objectives, like taking over specific locations on the map, or killing one of our custom bosses. By winning, you earn items and money to craft better gear. There are also style tokens. You can find them by playing games or finding them in the games chests more on these later. Style tokens can also be earned with style token boosters available on our store. These can be used to get items that are not gameplay changing, however feature an array of items to make you laugh and and seem all the wars you go on a bit stranger.
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