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Call of the Wild - A Warrior Cats Roleplay Server

Call of the Wild - A Warrior Cats Roleplay Server

Call of the Wild

A Warrior Cats Roleplay Server Based on the Book Series by Erin Hunter Please note - this server is very heavily based on the series, so please only join if you have read AT LEAST one book from the Warriors series Thank you. Enter Call of the Wild, a brand-new warrior cats roleplay server with plenty to offer Join the server and create a character, starting out as a kit of a Clan of your choice Roleplay as a brave ThunderClan warrior, a swift WindClan runner, a stealthy ShadowClan warrior, a tree-leaping SkyClan cat, or a talented RiverClan fisher Roleplay your characters path through life, take part in fun, character-developing roleplay events such as battles, Gatherings and even prophecies With the purchase of ranks, players can unlock further groups to roleplay as, including: - Kittypets - Rogues and loners - BloodClan - Tribe of Rushing Water - Dark Forest - StarClan - and more to come as the server develops Call of the Wild is a server with its own lore and background. Be sure to read the in-game books - when they are available - to discover the stories As with any server in the beginnings, we have many roles available such as deputies and medicine cats However, these roles are to be applied for on the server, and we choose people with the qualities that we are looking for So, please do not ask to be a deputy or medicine cat, as we dont offer the positions out to just anyone. We pride ourselves on being a server of literate roleplayers and mature, friendly players Log on to Call of the Wild now to explore the territories and roleplay your Warrior Cats character Possible error fix in case you experience it: if, when adding the server to your list, it says Cannot resolve hostname, just refresh a few times If this doesnt work, then try to direct connect. If its still not working, make sure youve got the right IP

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IP Address
Status Online
Recommended Version 1.16.3
Host Location Australia
Total Votes 9
Last Updated 790 minutes ago
Join Date 2018-05-07 21:12:39
Game Modes Roleplay
Supported Versions 1.16.3

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