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Please note that new players who come on and quickly break any rules will be permanently banned without warning. Chertia is a Minecraft server focused on the gods and how those gods interact with the players. It has been running since January of 2015, and is now almost fully self-coded, with a variety of custom items, enchantments, and mechanics. We have story events on Wednesdays and Saturdays where the gods come on and interact with the players. You can follow a god by doing /gods. Custom items: The server has a variety of custom items for you to check out, including Lightblade, Flippers and more Keep inventory: When you die, your inventory wont be dropped As more is added to the current world, there will be consequences for death however, right now, nothing will be lost when you die Magic and mana: Each god has a special ability that their followers can use Abilities cost 10 mana to use, and mana recharges over time. Maybe theres a way to increase your mana limit... Challenge: Natural regeneration is off The only way to regenerate your health is through food you can eat even if youre full and heart drops from monsters and tall grass. Custom terrain: Our current world uses BiomeBundle and features some popular spots for new players to build. Come check it out RPG elements: The server contains a bunch of new RPG elements to enhance the vanilla experience. For example, towns litter the world map, full of NPCs and shops Detailed recap and changelog: Never miss a thing Every notable change to the servers code along with story event recaps are put on our website. Custom resources: Created by Giron and nevakari, our resource pack contains some cool custom textures for renamed items Server Rules No major griefing or stealing minor is fine. No hacked clients or game-changing mods. No spamming chat unless approved or started by a staff member. No targeted slurs, hate speech, or harassment. Do not disrupt story events. Autoclickers, macros or use of glitches/bugs to do autoclicking is not permitted. Using a mob grinder for economic gains is not permitted. The staff team of Chertia reserves the right, in extreme cases, to give out punishments without warning or a specified reason. Website: Discord:

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Status Online
Recommended Version 1.16.5
Host Location Canada
Total Votes 142
Last Updated 2925 minutes ago
Join Date 2017-12-29 08:50:31
Game Modes Economy PVE Survival
Supported Versions 1.16.5

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