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EURASIA Network's Salvus, Initium Novum

EURASIA Network's Salvus, Initium Novum
EURASIA Network's Salvus, Initium Novum Kepler-001, nicknamed "The Frontier" by many of the people in the system, went out in a burning flame as the war between the MegaCorp Omnidyne Glassed the planet. Many of District One's survivors fled to the nearby planet of Kuiper (Kepler - 004). There the Eurasian Federation, in their city of Eziveen, offered many an option of refugee. For many, however, the city is unnerving. The dark secrets that the pristine white city holds might stain it black. For some becoming peacekeepers, in their clad armor is an escape, others working with the Ministry of Innovation gets their high tech need are met, finally others their escape is quite literal. Escaping to Kepler - 003, which people are dubbing Salvus, There they choose between the many factions. You start Either in Eziveen or on the landing docks of Salvus, from there you must figure out how you're going to live your life in the new frontier. Salvus, Inituim Novum is a Dark Scifi roleplay server, with hints of cyberpunk. Many interactions on the server will be with other players and the Gamemasters. Gamemasters are expected to run weekly events and different factions also have their own events. We provide people with Criminal / Police roleplay, Colonial Roleplay, Milsim, and scientific exploration roleplay. However, you're not limited to those roleplays. You determine your future as you move through the new frontier.

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Recommended Version 1.16.5
Host Location United States
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Last Updated 3350 minutes ago
Join Date 2019-01-03 01:56:58
Game Modes Adventure Economy Roleplay Survival Towny Vanilla
Supported Versions 1.16.5 1.16.4 1.16.3

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