|CTN CRAFT| | Survival| |Skyblock| |Creative| |TLT| |1.15.1|

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|CTN CRAFT| | Survival| |Skyblock| |Creative| |TLT| |1.15.1|

|CTN CRAFT| | Survival| |Skyblock| |Creative| |TLT| |1.15.1|

CTN Craft is a server with a lot of potential and a great community.

What we have:
1. Survival [kits, multiple homes and more included]
2. Skyblock [Comes with a lot of extra things like island boosters, missions, custom island warps, etc.]
3. Creative [You can claim 4 plots and merge them together]
4. The Lost Timers [A Hermitcraft like community]


Play with you're friends and build lots of bases. Don't worry about grievers, Griefprotaction is there to save you! You can claim you're land with the golden shovel.
We also have very intresting kits like "/kit Elytra" so you have the freedom to fly everywhere you want.


In skyblock you have a lot of extra options like:

- A crystal currency
- /is missions [To earn crystals]
- /is boosters [To boost you're self and enable increase mob spawning, farm growth, xp boost and being able to fly]
- /is upgrade [To increase the max amount of /is sethomes you can do or to boost youre cobble stone generator form only making cobblestone and coal to making cobble stone/coal/iron/redstone/diamonds]
- /is visit [so you can visit other players and see what their island looks like, maybe steal some ideas...]


Build some very cool things and show them to everyone.
And when you vote on this server you will get permission to use world edit for a day to make the building even easier!


This is a community much like hermitcraft. If you would like to join that community you can apply in this discord server: https://discord.gg/PKrJpyF .
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