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Status Offline
Port 25565
Current Rank 6004
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Host Location United States United States
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Last Update 375292 minutes ago
Join Date 2017-03-28 12:28:37
Game Modes Creative Factions Skyblock Vanilla
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Welcome to bosscloud. We are a server network ran by Th3Trigg3r and TheWGBbroz. We have many unique features including lobby gadgets, private vaults and a fully custom minigame Donating Our donation ranks are actually worth donating for since they give some very cool perks. For example you can get more private vaults, or sell more items in the auction house. Of course the better your rank is, the better stuff you get. You also get many useful commands Creative Our creative server Or plot server consist of very large plots, 200x200 to be exact, so theres plenty of space to build. Our creative server also allows every player to use world edit, although donators have access to more of the world edit commands. Visit the store to find out more Skyblock Our skyblock server is very unique becouse we have many ways to play it. Once you log in you can create your island and build a nice house on it, or start doing the skyblock challenges. We have a nice auction house, so you can sell all your stuff without any hassle When you have a rank you also have access to private vaults on skyblock, for all your extra stuff. Factions Our factions server has a really good looking and unique world generator. Not only that but we also have a great shop, private vaults and an auction house. Prison We also have a prison server, with unique features like custom enchants, luckyblocks inside mines, backpacks, private vaults and an auction house. You also get a big variety of kits when buying ranks from our shop. Diamond Quest Diamond Quest is our fully custom minigame, which has never been seen before You are on an island with your team. The objective is to find diamonds throughout the game and deliver them to the center island. You cant build bridges for the first 5 minutes, but after that you can and there will automatically spawn bridges for you. You can have a pretty big number of play styles for this minigame: You can defend the center island, so noone else can get to it to deliver their own island, or you can be an attacker who kills other people to steal their diamonds, or you can be a miner to actually mine the diamonds. Vanilla Last but not least is our vanilla server. This is fully vanilla. No /tpa, no /spawn, not even the staff gets in creative Yes thats right, the spawn is made in survival Everything is unprotected, and no grieving is allowed. We get that loads of people are gonna grief, and to prevent that we made it so you need to pay a fee once a month for us to be able to keep the servers running, and so you wont grief. When you grief, you get banned. No refunds. We do this to keep the community as clean as possible. We encourage you to have fun, and be creative We hope to see you in-game. - TheWGBbroz Th3Trigg3r

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