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Guardian Skies - Skyblock 1.12

Guardian Skies - Skyblock 1.12


Skyblock - 1.12

Guardian Skies is a expansive and custom skyblock server with an array of features and things to do with the community. We strive to try and produce the most unique and enjoyable skyblock experience out there, with our server providing the community a way to communicate with eachother, whilst having a competitive element, with our many features and events. Guardian Skies was comprised of over 6 months of dedicated work to ensure that everybody who plays has a high standard of gameplay, produced by our small leadership team. Since our release we have made some updates and will continue to implement our communities ideas and suggestions, as the server is built from your responses. In the upcoming months we plan to bring out much more expansive updates, so keep an eye out on our Discord or website. We would love it if you would check out our community and say hey.


  • Custom Skyblock features leveling systems.
  • Custom enchantments systems.
  • A quest system with an array of categories.
  • PvP bounties.
  • Player shops.
  • Crates with a range of rewards.
  • Auctioning system.
  • Competitive envoys with rare items.
  • Custom cobblestone generators, with ores.
  • A range of disguises.
  • McMMO, with a crediting system.
  • Pets and customization features.
  • Cosmetic trails, arrow trails and more.
  • Advanced spawner system.
  • Upgraded elytra system.
  • A range of particle trails.
  • Interactive chat games.
  • Backpacks, for improved storage.
  • Vote rewards, with vote parties.
  • A strong anti-cheat.
  • A balanced economy.
  • An amazingly friendly community.
  • And much more.

  • Unique Skyblock

    Within our skyblock we have many different features and upgrades for your island. When you first step in on the server you are introduced to our spawn, where you can learn a lot about the skyblock gameplay, as well as our other features. A key system within our skyblock is the leveling system. Either alone or with a team of up to 3 members, you can upgrade your island with rare minerals and blocks /value, which will progressively upgrade your cobblestone generator. Your generator is one of your biggest assets, as you can gain rare ores from leveling up your island, and either use what you mine to continue leveling up or to sell to our market/ player markets. We also provide one of the largest and most popular RPG expansions, McMMO. This addition revitalizes the skyblock gameplay and experience, with a range of abilities to help you expand your island adventure.


    Quests on Guardian Skies plays a huge role within our gameplay. Quests are a way to gain competitve points, to then rank on the top of the weekly questers to gain rewards. The top 3 weekly questers will gain donation crate keys as their reward. There is a large range of quests, including general quests, where you can gain rewards and quest points, daily quests where you can gain rewards and quest points daily, repeatable every 24 hours, and finally achievement quests where you can complete a range of different achievement for unspecified quest points very similar to the original skyblock challenges, with a larger range of tasks to complete.

    Custom enchants

    A huge feature on Guardian Skies is our custom enchantments. Either in PvP, PvE or even generally when surviving and building, these enchantments can alter the game greatly, providing a large asset within our skyblock experience. Custom enchantments work similar to the regular Minecraft enchantments, but can be purchased from the enchanter for in-game EXP. There are many different tiers of enchantments, with the highest tiers being the most rewarding, yet costing the most EXP. These enchantments can work in a variety of ways, either being successful with your item, breaking your item or not working with an item and breaking the enchantment. With this large expansion there is a variety of ways to alter the success and destroy rates, through the use of dusts some either increasing the success rates, decreasing the failure rates, and other dusts being ineffective. The use of scrolls can also be effective when trying to protect an item, removing enchantments, organizing enchantments and more. This large system has a lot to offer in terms of gameplay, and really provides a unique experience whilst playing skyblock.

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