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Game Modes Survival Bukkit Economy Factions PvP Skywars MCMMO Creative

*1.11* MCAssassins Factions/PvP, PvE, SMP, Creative Server *1.11*

*1.11* MCAssassins Factions/PvP, PvE, SMP, Creative Server *1.11*


*1.11* IP: Over 60+ Plugins Installed! Looking for a fun multi-world server?? Well we have got a server just for you! You have the choice to either play SMP Factions/Raiding/PvP/Survival, Acid Island, Acid Island Nether, or Creative and we offer SkyWars! (20 different maps).The players are all friendly and eager to help. The server owner is Marine_mca who is always on and looking to help you out with whatever you need! We have a wonderful website that you can vote for diamonds and money to spend on items in our in-game shop! We have many many items in the shop that you can purchase for a great discount. The website also leads you to the forums where you can catch up with all of your fellow minecrafters and see what they are up to in their daily lives. The best part about our server? We are NOT a pay-to-win server! When a single person or group donates enough money the whole server ranks up and gives everyone on the server that donor rank’s commands which levels the playing field. This way you don’t have to worry about someone who is overpowered getting into your base and raiding you unfairly! NEW TO MCASSASSINS: We now have a server Discord Channel! Discord is like skype or team speak but much better! You can talk with your friends while reporting disrespectful players and rule breakers all in one place. Here is the link to the Mcassassins Discord Channel: The website also features a Dynamic Map, [real time live map, not a mod] which if you haven’t heard of it then you will be in for a surprise! Dynamic Map is a cool tool that you can use to view the whole server and all of the people on the server without even being on the server! The map will even show you where faction claims and homes are, making your raids and griefs much easier. Here is the link to Dynamic Map: Minecraft Dynamic Map Our spawn features many awesome builds that will blow your mind! Builds range from a simple village to a giant Nether castle! We have a mind blowing nether spawn that will amaze you. Other than survival our server features Acid Island which is like Skyblock, only better. On your island you start with a tree, a cow, and a chest full of supplies. Instead of you just floating in the sky you are surrounded by acid that will kill you if you jump into it. Not only is Acid Island in the overworld but it is also in the Nether! Acid Island has a Challenge Mode feature that rewards you for tasks that you complete on your island. If you are feeling the need to build something huge and want to express your creative self you can build anything you want in our creative world! The server features many warps that provide easy access to anywhere you want to go around on the server. There are eight warps to survival that all lead to different parts of the wilderness giving you a chance to increase your survival chances. We also have the awesome disguise plugin! You can disguise either as a Donkey, Villager, or Mule, for free! Our server also features a massive shop with over 150+ items. You can sell items or even kill mobs to gain server credit and buy the materials you need! The server also features the Auction plugin! You are able to sell tools, food, and materials to other players on the server! When you first join the server you get the starter kit which will get you off to a great start building a shelter in survival and maybe even starting your own faction. The kit includes armor, food, tools, and even $200 in game money to get a faction started. There are many other factions on the server and many are willing to fight if you are into that type of stuff. To protect our PvP community we have Anti-PvP Loggers Plugins, DDOS Protection & Filters, and many more plugins to make sure that you are safe from hackers while on the server. Another awesome plugin that MCA has is Mcmmo, with Mcmmo you can rank up your skills such as Herbalism, Mining, and Swordfighting. The higher your rank gets, the better you become at that skill and when your rank gets really high Mcmmo will start to reward you! When you first log on we have a new player PvP protection plugin that will protect you from unwanted enemies on your first day on the server. This feature can also be disabled if you want to dive right into the server though! The server is also lag-free which means a great playing experience for you and no more rage quit

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