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The Minescape Network

The Minescape Network


[imgMinescape Logo][/img] [hr][/hr][size24pt] Introduction [size18pt]General Description[/size] [/size] [size12pt]Minescape Classic is a modernised version of the original Minescape made by scipio3000, in 2012. Minescape is a recreation of RuneScape, adapted for the minecraft universe. The goal of the game is to become the strongest, most experienced and richest player of all. In order to do so you must master all of the available skills, slay the strongest monsters and find the best ways to make money. [/size] [size18pt]History[/size] [size12pt]A long time ago in a far, far away place Skip created the first version of Minescape. The game was well received and the player base grew quickly. When version 1.1 was created Podcrash, who were working on their own version of the game, got involved in the project which lead to an even greater game. However a third version soon came along, and creative differences split the team in half. A year has passed without anything Minescape related popping up but now we are back, starting with the return of Minescape Classic[/size] [size12pt][imgThe Town of Lumbridge - Spawn for Minescape Classic ][/img][size8pt]The Town of Lumbridge - [/size][size8pt]Spawn for Minescape Classic [/size] [size18pt]Gameplay [/size][/size][size12pt]You arrive as a beginner to the world in the town of lumbridge. You have no clue as to what is going on. All you know, is that you need to survive, or even more important, thrive in this dangerous world. As a in aqua coloured shiny armor dressed warrior passes telling you to move noob, you know there is no other option: You have to become the most important of the lands. Minescape places you in a medieval/fantasy environment where you can practise multiple skills, which are there for character development Strength, Constitution, Defense, Attack, Magic, Ranged Prayer, as well as create items Runecrafting, Woodcutting, Firemaking, Cooking, Smithing, Mining, Farming Fishing. [/size] [imgThe Town of Lumbridge - The Spawn for Minescape Classic ][/img] [size12pt][size12pt][size8pt]The Town of Lumbridge - [/size][size8pt]Spawn for Minescape Classic[/size] You can explore the world to find monsters of different kinds, and compete with others to compare your set of skills with theirs. Are you going to be the next number one player [/size][/size][hr][/hr] [size18pt]Join Now [/size] [size18pt]PLAY.MINESCA.PE[/size]