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ValhallaCraft is a community focused survival server built around player interaction. With a minimalistic approach to today's hectic and overwhelming world of plugins, ValhallaCraft offers players a sleek and easy playing experience. With a large airship serving as the central hub of the server, players are brought together for various activities and services such as minigames, server announcements, player owned shops and more. Features An economy based protection system. Players must work hard in order to protect what they've earned. No more endless expanses randomly claimed by some claiming to be a rancher! Total control over your land! Pick and chose who and what can enter your claimed lands and just how much, or little, freedom they have within it. A Server Guide that breaks down our two major plugins to help you get started. A Discord so you can stay connected even when you're away from your computer! A Starter kit of Valhallan Armor given to every new player. This kit can only be claimed once to avoid abuse! Money awarded on mob kills! Turn your already useful mob grinders into even more profit! Several creature comforts such as /home and /tpd (teleport to deathpoint) and nicknames! Start off quickly with /randomtp which will teleport you to a random location within 8000 blocks of the worldspawn! There are two major plugins on the ValhallaCraft server that players have direct control over: ChestShop and Land Lord. These plugins are essential for survival on the server. The ChestShop plugin will allow players to accumulate currency by either selling items to the server or by creating their own shops and selling directly to other players. The money gained from these sales is then used with the Land Lord plugin to buy and claim land in the world via a chunk by chunk system. Once land has been claimed, players have total control. They can control what monsters are able to spawn withing their lands, whether or not outside players may build, interact with inventories or redstone, and several other parameters. The rules of ValhallaCraft are short and to the point. We strive to give our players as much freedom as we possibly can. This means both their freedom to protect themselves or not to. The rules are as followed: 1. Profanity is not prohibited outright, however, it is up to a staff members discretion on whether or not it is excessive or not. If we find that you have crossed a line, there are repercussions. 2. You are responsible for your own property. There are more than enough opportunities for players to protect their valuables. Your property can include, but is not limited to, your home, tools, supplies, animals, and villagers. 3. Excessive spamming in the server chat is not allowed and will sometimes result in a tentative mute. 4. Advertising of any king without prior permission will also result in a tentative mute and/or ban. 5. Cheating of any variation will be met with an immediate ban. You may appeal the ban through our discord, but until approved, you will remain banned. * Additionally, we encourage players to hold the server staff accountable at all times. If you ever feel as though a staff member is abusing their privileges, please let us know through our Discord. * Feedback We are always looking for feedback and suggestions on how we can improve our server for you! Leave a comment, join our discord or PM me directly with any criticism or suggestions that you may have! Discord -