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gongs hut

How do I play gongs hut?

To play gongs hut we recommend Minecraft Version 1.20.6. You can select different versions of Minecraft via the main menu when loading the launcher and select 1.20.6.

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A brief description of gongs hut

You be at least 13 years old to play on the server. what does this server have to offer that other servers dont have? - its a very large amplified map. That means you can go out into the map, find a beautiful spot, and play. - keepinventory is on. You do loose 50% of your EXP is you die. We dont need rage quitters over a death. - 1.21 experimental features such as the crafter. The future is good! - its a big map, and to make it easier for folks to play together we have /tpa available. - You can also have one /home Again, BIG map - commands like /hat, /workbench, /day, /rtp and more - More Simple QOL enhancements: rotten flesh can be turned into leather. - 0-tick farms! - A better, more challenging End for everyone. Raiding is allowed. Stealing is allowed, but frowned upon by most civilized folks. Griefing someone else's base is also allowed, but highly frowned on, and probably wont make you the server hero. But again, I am not your mom. Griefing the map, because you are a griefer, and have nothing else to do, will earn you a ban if I am in the mood. Or maybe I will just clean it up and move on. Try me. Please no hacks, mods, or useless glitches that lag the server. No fly hacks, get an elytra instead. TNT duping is not allowed.

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Currently there is 1 online out of a possible 10. The number of votes this month is 7 since the 1st. Voting allows you to get rewards for free.

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gongs hut

IP Address
Server Score
Status Online
Recommended Version 1.20.6
Host Location United States
Rank 489
Players Online 1
Votes this Month 7
Total Votes 238
Last Updated 604 minutes ago
Join Date 2020-05-18 18:58:09
Game Modes PVE PVP Raiding Survival
Supported Versions 1.20.6

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