MCMMO Minecraft Server List

What is a MCMMO Minecraft Server?

MCMMO is a gamemode for Minecraft multiplayer servers that is currently being developed by nossr50 and AlinaAzul. mcMMO allows for an RPG-like experience to exist in the world of Minecraft complete with skill leveling, special abilities, rare loot, brand new mechanics and a more in-depth PvP!

MCMMO Minecraft Servers

Rank Minecraft Server IP Address Game Modes


VentureMC is a network made to be a place where people can feel at peace and experience a unique way to play. We strive to give players a variety of...

Custom Enchants Economy MCMMO PVE Survival



Welcome to the HyperMC Network Factions, Skyblock PrisonComing soon The server has been worked on by many individuals and we hope to bring the best...

Custom Enchants Economy Faction MCMMO PVP Raiding


Oxide Gaming stands as an Australian-based gaming community, where camaraderie and shared passion converge. Within our welcoming embrace, seekers of...

Bukkit MCMMO PVP Roleplay Survival Towny


We're one of the friendliest communities out there! We have a strict NO-TOXICITY policy which we enforce very carefully but effectively. Expect...

Custom Enchants Economy MCMMO PVE Roleplay Survival



MineWarp is a 1.12.2 BungeeCord server that includes Factions, Survival and PvP and its own lobby. This server is a work in progress and requires...

Economy Faction KitPVP MCMMO Network PVP


The Wasteland is not your typical Minecraft server; it's a thriving anarchy realm where chaos and creativity unite. Here, players delve into a...

Adventure Custom Enchants Greifing MCMMO OP PVP Survival



Welcome to Elyndor - Your Epic Minecraft Adventure Awaits! IP: - Java & Bedrock Join Elyndor for a semi-vanilla Minecraft...

Economy MCMMO Parkour PVE PVP Survival



An SMP on an amplified world, this is Amplicity! Come take over the amplified nature and create your own story here among others! We are an SMP...

MCMMO Survival Vanilla


BlockHaven SMP

Wanna come chill on a relaxing, new SMP? BlockHaven is a new Network trying to keep it simple, but enriched with amazing features that add just what...

MCMMO Network Survival Towny



¿Cansado de los survivals tradicionales? Pues te presentamos FailCraft un servidor Survival Custom con la que contamos con:  Sistema de economia...

Adventure Custom Enchants Economy MCMMO Network Survival


Maze Quest

We are a community of Minecraft players enjoying Minecraft in its full beauty in many ways. We aim to deliver the best experience with servers you...

Adventure MCMMO Network Parkour PVE Survival