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How do I find the Best Minecraft Servers?

With so many Minecraft Servers around the world to choose from, how do you know where you can get onto the Best Minecraft Servers as sorted by players votes? We provide a platform which allows you to find that dream Minecraft Server you have been looking for with exactly the right game modes, players to form friends with and a community to back it up for you to enjoy! Voting allows you to get rewards in a Minecraft Server for free, we like to promote this activity as it allows you to progress at no cost. We rank these minecraft servers below based on votes which you, the players, provide by putting in your username on any of these servers.

Best Vanilla Minecraft Servers

Rank Minecraft Server IP Address Game Modes


MINECRAFT DD 1.17.1 เอาชีวิตรอด สร้างบ้านทำฟาม ล่าบอส หาของทำเควส มีมอนเตอร์และไอเทมแบบใหม่ๆมากมาย - แอดมินเป็นกันเอง เพื่อนเยอ อัปเดตทุกวัน

-- ระบบภายในเซิร์ฟเวอร์ -- - ตาย ของไม่ตก EXP ไม่ตก - ระบบ PVE (world) / PVP (nether, the end) - ระบบ ช่วยเหลือผู้เล่น พื้นฐานทั่วไป (spawn, home,...

Adventure Custom Enchants PVE PVP Survival Vanilla



Yes, this is an Anarchy server that We running for at least 10 years! Join and make history, more info on Our discord server! Hacks are allowed! ...

PVP Survival Vanilla


Here at Exotic SMP, we combine exciting gameplay, friendly and helpful staff, and a community unmatched by any other server to create something truly...

PVE PVP Raiding Survival Survival Games Vanilla


Vel Network

We are a vanilla-based SMP with a touch of anarchy and uniqueness. We have a welcoming community and competent admins who will help you with your...

Raiding Survival Survival Games Vanilla



HardcoreCraft Server IP: About the server Hardcore survival world Semi-Vanilla experience If you die you get banned for 1...

Economy KitPVP Network PVP Survival Vanilla


Castle Factions is a factions server for 1.17 minecraft.

Bukkit Economy Faction PVP Survival Vanilla


T3K Minecraft Survival

[Join IP:] . :The Three Kings: . is a clan that has been around since 2010! We are a U.S. West Coast based clan with...

PVP Survival Survival Games Vanilla


Network Vanilla


Golden Staircase Civilization

1.17.1 Vanilla Survival experience. Create your own clan and go to war. No world resets, ever! Active and friendly Staff. Praise the staircase. Our...

Survival Vanilla



Best Anarchy Server Domain: IPv4: IPv6: 2604:2dc0:101:200::d16 Best Anarchy Server Domain:...

Greifing PVE PVP Raiding Survival Vanilla


Vibe Station SMP

Vibe Station is a small but actively growing community of amazing people. We offer a minecraft SMP, and a small aesthetic moomin themed server

PVE Survival Vanilla


Bunjil's Beta is a new Beta 1.7.3 Survival PvP server. Beta 1.7.3 was a defining moment in Minecrafts history, one update before the mechanics...

PVP Survival Vanilla


Economy PVE PVP Survival Vanilla


this is a smp survival game and we have fun and do thing together and make new friend some come down and play

hey we have fun and play together we dont cheat and like making new friends so come down and play on the new age smp. we will reset the server from 2...

Survival Vanilla


Ziggy Craft Survival RPG Server

Ziggy Craft offers the best survival experience with custom dungeons, bosses, items, and more! Build your town, fight for glory, rare drops including...

Adventure PVE PVP Survival Towny Vanilla


Hardcore Minecraft Survival

Hardcore Minecraft. You only get one life no do overs. Can you survive? This is a hardcore server that is focused on surviving as a community and...

Survival Vanilla