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Survival Games Minecraft Servers

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Chaos Hub

COME JOIN US. IP: Minecraft 1.18.2 Skyblock & 1.17.1 Custom Survival Chaos Hub is the ultimate network for the gamemodes you...

Custom Enchants Economy MCMMO Skyblock Survival Survival Games


Minetadia Survival

Minetadia is a revolutionary Survival experience that focuses on bringing players together unlike ever before! Our server is a grief-free and...

Economy PVP Survival Survival Games Towny Vanilla


Servidor survival com SlimeFan

Custom Enchants Economy MCMMO Survival Survival Games Vanilla


PhoenixAnarchy 1.18.1

PhoenixAnarchy is a 1.18 Anarchy Server like 2b2t. It is currently the largest and fastest growing 1.18 Anarchy server. Goals - Custom plugins for...

Faction Greifing PVP Survival Survival Games Vanilla


StickCraft A ProjectKorra Server! With The Avatar Plugin! We Have Plugins Like: ProjectKorra, MCmmo, MobStack, Bsit, Griefprevention, JedCore, MyPet...

Bukkit PVE PVP Roleplay Survival Survival Games


SkylineMC is an SMP + Skyblock server that we started with an aim to add our own twist to Minecraft. We wanted to create a server where there is so...

Economy MCMMO PVP Skyblock Survival Survival Games


GabutSMP | Indonesia

GabutSMP | Beta | Survival | Mcmmo The server is still on beta The server is not finished, there are still updates Join Now! Servernya masih Beta...

Cracked Economy MCMMO PVP Survival Survival Games


Welcome to Upvaded Network! We are a brand-new Minecraft Server network Administrated and Developed by active and passionate staff. Many of us have...

Economy Faction MCMMO Raiding Skyblock Survival Games


MineSteal - Public LifestealSMP

The best Public LifestealSMP Network out there! Available on both Bedrock and Java! Both Bedrock & Java! - Java 1.18.2 USE /FREERANK FOR...

PVP Raiding Survival Survival Games


PlayUHC 1.8 - 1.18.2

** 24h/7d UHC games ** ** Randomizer UHC ** ** Cut Clean UHC ** ** 50+ Different Scenarios ** ** Survival Games UHC ** ** Flower Power UHC ** ...

Hunger Games KitPVP Minigames Parkour PVP Survival Games



Hello Minecrafter! If your looking for a small lag free server with premium plugins thin this might be the server your looking for. We are a...

Economy MCMMO Survival Survival Games

37 - to see our map Come by and check out the new caves and...

Creative Economy Parkour Skyblock Survival Survival Games


Bedrock and Java, Semi-Vanilla: Like Vanilla, but it includes plugins that make the life of the players a little easier. Typically, the plugins are...

Economy Network PVE Skyblock Survival Games


Vanilla Playground

Simple vanilla anarchy. No claims, No warps, No tpa, No rules. FREEDOM OF WILL. Server exists for few months, and already has a decent player base...

Greifing PVE PVP Survival Survival Games Vanilla



Economy Survival Survival Games



We are a brand new server that aims to evolve with the community! As of right now, we’ve created a 250 slot 1.18 Bungeecord server that has PvE, PvP...

Economy Minigames PVE PVP Survival Survival Games


RMS | Network

minecraft uhc and survival and kbffa server

Network PVP Survival Survival Games


Tetra-MC - Survival - MCMMO - Jobs - EliteMobs

The most unique survival server you will ever come across - Tetra mc - version 1.18.1 includes a range of tasks and quests to complete when you get...

Custom Enchants Economy PVE Survival Survival Games


Askety 4.0

Hey Guys, Come and join our Survival World, with Shops and Lots of Land to Express your Building Creativity and your Adventure Spirit, Lots of Fun! ...

Economy Minigames MCMMO PVP Survival Survival Games


Cracked OP PVP PVP Survival Survival Games


Welcome to Temprie Survival. The most innovative server forging the ways of future SMPs. Very welcoming and active community. We're a Semi...

Economy Minigames MCMMO Survival Survival Games Vanilla


Welcome to RabbitCraft Season 2 and you are right at the start of the adventure! We at RabbitCraft have started a new SMP called Tortuga where you...

Adventure Survival Survival Games Vanilla Whitelist


Introduction: Alpha Centauri is a minecraft survial server devoted to providing the best possible experience for all of our players. Our Mission: To...

Custom Enchants Survival Survival Games


SyroCraft | Vanilla Survival

We also support Bedrock clients! Come play from your consoles using the port 15935 and our IP!

Creative PVE PVP Survival Survival Games Vanilla


ArsonSetups | Aqua

Server Information: ● IP: ● Web: ● Store: ● Discord:

Creative Network Parkour Skyblock Survival Survival Games