Economy Minecraft Server List

What is a Minecraft Economy Server?

Economy Minecraft Servers enable players to earn a virtual in-game currency while playing the game - you can save it and use it to purchase various items from other players! In several Economy Minecraft Servers, the in-game currency also encourages competition by having leaderboards which show those who have collected or made the highest amount of their currency. The overall gameplay is based on your ability to manage your finances, as well as earn or win more through participating in things, in-game.

Where can I find Economy Minecraft Servers?

Economy Minecraft Servers are in the most popular range of servers here on and therefore have their own category - you can find all Economy Minecraft Servers available through our drop down filter or search function - showing you all we have to offer!

How do I find the Best Economy Minecraft Servers?

With so many Minecraft Servers around the world to choose from, how do you know where you can get onto the Best Economy Minecraft Servers as sorted by players votes? We provide a platform which allows you to find that dream Minecraft Server you have been looking for with exactly the right game modes, players to form friends with and a community to back it up for you to enjoy! Voting allows you to get rewards in a Minecraft Server for free, we like to promote this activity as it allows you to progress at no cost. We rank these minecraft servers below based on votes which you, the players, provide by putting in your username on any of these servers.

Best Economy Minecraft Servers

Rank Minecraft Server IP Address Game Modes



MasterCraft is an arabian Server , first arabian server in minecraft It had lot of minigames : Survival / PVP / Parkour / BedWar Please support us...

Adventure Bedwars Cracked Economy Parkour PVP


Hello!, Welcome to JarrysSkyblock where we try to offer the most enjoyable Skyblock experience. - Extremely fast and reliable dedicated servers. -...

Economy PVP Skyblock


Events!/10+ MiniGames/SMP

Events!/10+ MiniGames/SMP Coming Soon Come Join Watch Trailer On TrudoStars Youtube Enjoy The Minigames and Events on! Also Events...

Economy Hunger Games Minigames Network PVP Survival



Creators Land is Different, We have (1.8-1.17) We Strive to provide a unique, comfortable experience for players from all parts of the world. Our...

Economy MCMMO Network Prison Skyblock Survival



FiercePvP is a network that has several gamemodes. Here are a few we have to offer: » Prison » Practice » UHC » Invasion (custom) » Bunkers (soon) ...

Economy Minigames Prison PVP Survival Games


| STAFF IS NEEDED | Welcome to AdvancedMC! We have Survival, Skyblock, Creative, Archery PVP, Parkour, and more to come! If you enjoy any of these...

Creative Economy PVP Skyblock Survival Survival Games


Mega Realms

A 3 year old survival server with adventure, cities, economy, shops, spawn, pets. We used to be a realm but we converted to a high speed server due...

Adventure Economy PVE PVP Survival



We are InverseHCF We are a newly opened and developed hcf server We have a lot to offer Join now

Economy Factions PvP Hardcore


Mintopia RPG Survival IP: Mintopia is Survival Minecraft Server with RPG Elements. We are on the latest 1.17 version. We're...

Custom Enchants Economy MCMMO Roleplay Survival


TomorrowCraft - RUNS ON DOGECOIN

Welcome to the Minecraft server of tomorrow! We are a dogecoin based server which means that you get your own dogecoin wallet in game! You can send...

Economy Survival



Our server focuses on giving you the best player experiences while we make sure all kinds of hackers are dealt with. We have several games to play...

Bedwars Economy Hunger Games Network Skyblock Survival


SpriskyMC Network

IP: SpriskyMC is a new minecraft network! It has a hub and our unique gamemode called MinePvP. It is similar to prisons and kitpvp....

Economy KitPVP Network Prison PVP



ZimmerNation is a NEW community-based survival server! The server is designed around the community providing a variety of plugins to make survival...

Economy Minigames MCMMO Parkour PVE Survival


DarkMine.PL | Sieć serwerów (Ver: 1.8 - 1.17) to nowo powstająca sieć serwerów, która oferuje stabilną i przyjemną rozrywkę na naszej sieci, wiele innowacyjnych pomysłów, ...

Bedwars Economy Minigames Network


Custom Enchants Economy OP PVP PVP Skyblock


The Integrity Network is Expanding! Imagine a place where Gamers unite through competitive gameplay... Where anger is a thing of the past, and...

Economy Faction PVE PVP Raiding Whitelist


Scruffy Vanilla PvE

Scruffy Vanilla PvE is a semi-vanilla SMP. No hub and only plugins that add QOL/admin features without taking away from vanilla experience. A...

Bukkit Economy PVE Survival Vanilla


The Best Craft

Join Minecraft Server Hosted in NEPAL. Friendly environment with welcoming community. Non-Toxic players are always welcome. Feedback and suggestion...

Bedwars Economy KitPVP Minigames PVP Survival


SleepyCraft is a new server that utilizes the most popular server plugins without the overwhelming development of older servers. Our community is...

Economy MCMMO PVE Survival Towny


Fungalcraft MC

Welcome to Fungal MC! A Minecraft Server for the Fungal/Crystal Caverns Community Discord Themed loosely off a dungeon from popular bullet-hell...

Custom Enchants Economy MCMMO PVE PVP Survival


Greifing, and Xray allowed JOIN NOW NEED STAFF 1.13.1

We need staff If you want to apply join I created this server because I could never find a server that allows griefing and xraying two very fun...

Economy Greifing Survival Vanilla


Minecraft 1.13.1 Survival Dif-Normal Welcome To Magnuzone Survival This server Features: Economy Furniture with Pack Anti-Griefing, Land-Claiming,...

Bukkit Economy PVP Survival



[center][imglogo][/img][size24pt][size24pt] Acidblock...

Bukkit Economy PVE Skyblock



We Have Factions Survival And Continue To Add More We Need Staff Staff Members Get Exclusive Access To Worldedit, Powertools Admin Panel And More

Custom Enchants Economy Faction Survival


Pishcraft survival and more

Here you can come and play vanilla survival with a close community of other minecraft players, this is a safe place and so no greifing or stealing...

Bukkit Creative Economy Network Parkour PVE