Vanilla Minecraft Server List

Best Vanilla Minecraft Servers

Rank Minecraft Server IP Address Game Modes


Proyecto Liber

Proyecto Liber IP: MC.PROYECTOLIBER.NET Survival Towny Mundo Custom Mazmorras y Misiones Versión 1.16.4

Cracked Economy PVP Survival Towny Vanilla


Elite Anarchy

NO RULES An action based Anarchy server with /tpa, /home, and an active dupe. Join The Official Discord Server!

Adventure Greifing PVP Raiding Survival Vanilla



Show us your most colorful life! Gen.G & Crocs are inviting gamers around the world to participate in a Minecraft Build Contest. Build whatever...

Creative Vanilla


Minestria - A new Minecraft Experience is a city styled SMP with a new custom concept which i have been developing for the past two months. Minestria focuses alot around...

Economy Survival Vanilla


Create or join a town, make a nation, and expand your empire! Go to war, fight for land, power, and domination! Create ChestShops and markets within...

Economy Faction PVP Raiding Towny Vanilla


HopeMC Survival

HopeMC Available Gamemodes : Custom Skyblock - Custom Survival Version : 1.16.5 (Java Edition) Server IP Address : Discord Server :...

Cracked Custom Enchants Economy Survival Towny Vanilla



Welcome to the Ghoulcraft Server! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- We are a brand new Survival server that uses Optifine & a unique...

Creative Survival Vanilla



Official AdventureTimePvP Minecraft Server! Get ready for the adventure of your life today and join our Community! Inside you can find: - Crates -...

Adventure Cracked PVP Survival Vanilla



Saigonmc chế độ Survival, Towny cày cuốc, khổ dâm và Admin không tham gia chơi.

Economy Network Survival Vanilla


SaharaSMP is a community driven PvE server that aims to be as close to a vanilla HermitCraft experience as possible. We pride ourselves on being...

Network PVE Roleplay Survival Vanilla Whitelist


Terragora Semi-Vanilla Server

We strive to provide a positive survival experience with our diverse community. Join teams or towns, build an empire, explore community warps/builds,...

Economy MCMMO PVE PVP Survival Vanilla


Economy MCMMO PVE Survival Vanilla Whitelist



Welcome to Parallel, a vanilla SMP where rifts between custom differently-themed worlds suddenly open, and players are free to travel between them in...

Adventure Economy PVE Survival Vanilla


Introduction Welcome to! We are a semi-vanilla survival server, and we offer a strong coin-based economy and the ability to teleport....

Adventure Creative Economy PVE Survival Vanilla


HarvestMC is a semi-vanilla survival server that is farming and ranching based. In-game we have a 40 rank and prestige options that are obtained...

Custom Enchants Economy MCMMO Roleplay Survival Vanilla


The Last Knights [1.17.1]

Easy survival packed full of features and hard survival player vs mobs taking mc back to basics. Now featuring cross play! join with pocket edition...

Economy MCMMO PVE Survival Vanilla



We need staff and also new players to test our server that is currently in ALPHA. The server is brand new we would need some help to get growing!! so...

Bukkit Creative PVE PVP Survival Vanilla


Minecraft Vanilla Club

An action-based vanilla survival server with very few limits. Build and construct amazing bases or even grief, raid, and fight. All choice is left up...

Adventure Greifing PVP Raiding Survival Vanilla



Apex Zombies is a zombie-themed network with multiple gamemodes! Whether it's a survival server with many perks and commands, or a totally...

Skyblock Survival Vanilla


LuluLand  1.17.1

Willkommen auf Lululand Wir sind ein aktiver Server der Seit drei Jahren aktiv ist. Unser Server ist immer einer mit der schnellsten Serverder sauber...

Adventure Creative Economy Roleplay Survival Vanilla


Homestead - 1.16 SemiVanilla Survival

IP : Brand new map on an unexplored 1.16 server Come join with your friends or make new friends and play minecraft the way it...

Economy PVE Roleplay Survival Towny Vanilla


Firestarter - A friendly 1.17 SMP

Firestarter is the simple yet exciting community Minecraft experience you’ve been looking for! Whether you just love to play the game with friends or...

Bukkit Economy MCMMO PVE Survival Vanilla


⛏The only TRUE Vanilla server where Bedrock & Java players can play together!ᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠ IP: ᅠᅠᅠ Port: 25583

Bukkit Cracked Network PVP Survival Vanilla



Version: 1.16.4. Vanillarite is a 16+ vanilla server plus some plugins that keeps the players in mind. Claim blocks to protect your builds where you...

PVE Survival Vanilla


Another Vanilla

We are a small vanilla survival server. We have claims to protect your builds. Inside your claim you can choose to enable PVP. Play survival...

PVE Survival Vanilla