Minigames Minecraft Server List

What is Minigames?

Minigames is the collective term used for a combination of small game modes not large enough to be called their own category. This can include Tag, snow wars and may more smaller, niche games.

What is the Best Minigames Minecraft Server?

Checking the list you will see that many of your Minigames Minecraft Servers are those which have multiple. Servers tend to provide a wide variety rather then focus on a single one, if you are looking for the best pick the one with the most votes to start with at number 1 and work your way down. If you find a minigame you like it might be a good idea to find a server that has a dedicated playerbase for that minigame.

How do I find the Best Minecraft Servers?

With so many Minecraft Servers around the world to choose from, how do you know where you can get onto the Best Minecraft Servers as sorted by players votes? We provide a platform which allows you to find that dream Minecraft Server you have been looking for with exactly the right game modes, players to form friends with and a community to back it up for you to enjoy! Voting allows you to get rewards in a Minecraft Server for free, we like to promote this activity as it allows you to progress at no cost. We rank these minecraft servers below based on votes which you, the players, provide by putting in your username on any of these servers.

Best Minigames Minecraft Servers

Rank Minecraft Server IP Address Game Modes


Tortuga Pirate Network is a community open to cracked and premium minecraft users 1.9 - 1.16.4 **MATURE PLAYERS ONLY PLEASE** TPNet currently...

Cracked Minigames MCMMO Network Survival Towny



We are committed to creating a safe, virtual environment for players of all ages to participate competitively in. Our gamemodes consist of:...

Bedwars Minigames Network Skyblock Survival


CraftMC.PL - Twoj serwer Minecraft! Dostepne wersje: 1.7-1.17 Ilosc slotow: 2000 Najnowsze wersje tylko u Nas! Wbijaj do nas na serwer...

Bedwars Creative Faction KitPVP Minigames Network


Skyblock Lands

SkyBlock lands. The Coolest Server For Skyblock lovers.We Provide Cool Features. Custom Enchants PvP PvP Mine Active Staff Active Discord server Own...

Cracked Custom Enchants Minigames OP PVP PVE Skyblock


Treebo is an Australian based network which aims to create a custom and unique experience for all its players. All features and ideas are generated...

Creative Economy Minigames MCMMO Skyblock Survival



When was the last time you went out in the world? Saw something that would make your jaw drop? Explored the uncharted?, or just want to experience...

Bedwars Cracked Minigames Network Survival Vanilla


Features =============== - Semi-Vanilla survival + Choose whether you want keepInventory on or off + Grief protection - Creative plots + Free...

Creative Minigames MCMMO Parkour Survival


1.17 BoomCraft Network, featuring the current cave cliffs preview pack as of 1.17 release on SMP servers and proximity voice chat on all servers....

Economy Minigames Network Towny Vanilla


Welcome to MINEVILLE. NOW ON PAPER 1.17.1 Mineville is a small survival/SMP server. It started out as a small private server back in February...

Economy Minigames MCMMO PVE Skyblock Survival



HjonkCraft is a semi vanilla 1.16.1 survival server that utilities many plugins like bosses, custom items and quests to create a unique experience...

Custom Enchants Economy Minigames Parkour PVE Survival


Project City Build

PCB is a city building server, dedicated to building realistic, modern, themed or period based towns and cities. PCB has been running since the early...

Creative Minigames Survival


TwistedMC is a Java Edition Minecraft Network that focuses on bringing a unique experience along with a twist for enjoyment and content creation....

Bedwars Minigames Network PVP Skyblock Survival


Cobalt [Survival / Creative / Skyblock]

Cobalt is a modern Minecraft Network with Survival, Creative, Skyblock, and RPG servers. We use 100% custom code and have created a great experience,...

Creative Economy Minigames MCMMO Skyblock Survival


Hey Crafters Good news for you! If you play minecraft java version, we have just launched our new server named Pixeledge. you can join the server by...

Cracked Minigames Survival Vanilla



Hardcore with essentials for 1.16.5! If you die you are banned for a week and are sent to the Vanilla server, so do your best to survive! We have...

Minigames MCMMO Raiding Skyblock Survival Vanilla



Premium + Cracked Kingdoms is a plugin similar to the popular Factions plugin, but with many changes to the gameplay. It allows a player to create...

Cracked Creative Faction KitPVP Minigames Survival




Cracked Economy GTA Minigames Skyblock Survival


Welcome all to a new era of Pixelmon! Guardian is a strictly Pixelmon server being created from the hope of experienced players that have seen both...

Adventure Economy Minigames Parkour Pixelmon Technic Launcher


Welcome to the Miner Manic Network! Current servers: Survival/Slimefun - 1.16.5 Creative: - 1.16.5 Anarchy: - 1.16.5 Mini Game Servers: ...

Creative Economy Hunger Games Minigames MCMMO Skygrid


Hello! We are a newly opened server with a small but active community always working on adding new games and improving! Once a week we are releasing...

Economy Minigames Network Skyblock Survival



Dansk hub server som har eksisteret siden 2011. Vi tilbyder en lang rkke forskellige gamesmode, s som Factions, Skyblock og freebuild. Flere...

Creative Eggwars Faction Greifing Minigames MCMMO


JAVA: BEDROCK: / W10 Editions: and port: 19132  - Java and Bedrock cross-platform - Bedrock/W10 Skins, loom,...

Bedwars Creative Minigames MCMMO Network Survival


Suomalainen Minecraft serveri. 1.9-1.17.1 Auki 20h/päivä Maailmat: Survival: Tavallinen turvallinen survival. -Vaikeus: Vaikea -Mobit eivät tuhoa...

Bukkit Creative Economy Minigames Parkour Survival


Website: Shop: Discord: Twitter: @FoncusedNetwork | @FN_Robot Foncused Network is a new...

Bukkit Creative Minigames Network Parkour Survival

99 is a TNT Wars, Missile Wars, SMP and Skyblock network. IP: [1.8-1.15.2] Website: Discord:...

Minigames Network Skyblock Survival TNT Wars Vanilla