Vanilla Minecraft Server List

What is a Vanilla Minecraft Server?

Minecraft is hugely popular based on the main single player experience of Survival, vanilla servers are based on this with minimal changes to the experience. Vanilla defines a server that is close to or the same as the base example with the ability to play with many more players then someone running a Minecraft Server on their own computer could do.

Vanilla Minecraft Servers

Rank Minecraft Server IP Address Game Modes


Welcome to Quantum Realm.Quantum Realm is a new upcoming survival server with alot of features,family-friendly community,and continues updates and...

Adventure Bukkit Cracked Economy Survival Vanilla


Keeping it short: Survival MMO

Economy PVE PVP Roleplay Survival Vanilla


Squeejcraft Pro

Java and Bedrock compatible IP: SqueejCraft.Pro is a hard difficulty, semi-vanilla smp server built to respect Mojang's...

PVE Survival Vanilla


Perth, Australia Hosted Survival Anarchy Vanilla Small Minecraft Server Genuine Minecraft 1.18, 1.18.1 Vanilla / Semi-Vanilla Survival Gameplay ...

Cracked Greifing PVP Raiding Survival Vanilla


sVanilla Survival [Java/Bedrock]

sVanilla Survival aims to provide the classic semi-vanilla experience for Java and Bedrock - vanilla with teleporting. There are no land-claims,...

Greifing Raiding Survival Vanilla


Spread your wings and fly home to SwanCraft In a world full of soulless Minecraft Networks and one-size-fits-all hub servers, SwanCraft aims to...

Bukkit PVE Survival Vanilla


Vanilla Playground is Vanilla Anarchy. No claims, No warps, No tpa, No Hacks, No rules. FREEDOM OF WILL. Join and play without limitations. Create,...

Greifing PVE PVP Survival Survival Games Vanilla



Hey all! Thanks for checking out our MinecraftServers page! Skuad is a pretty casual survival Minecraft! We run a variety of plugins to make the...

Bukkit Economy MCMMO PVE Survival Vanilla


~~~~ HeroxWar Network ~~~~ Store: Instagram: Telegram: Web Site:...

Bedwars Cracked Faction Minigames Skyblock Vanilla


Metrocraft Survival

Metrocraft survival is a minecraft community that focus mainly slimefun and hard minecraft.

Cracked Economy PVE PVP Survival Vanilla


SuperSMP Towny Server

SuperSMP Is a Semi Vanilia Towny SMP Server. We have a friendly and inviting community. Features Include: - Towny - MCMMO - RPG and Much more!...

MCMMO Survival Towny Vanilla


Gazde Survival

Gazde Network is a Cracked Minecraft server, which means we are open to both Regular and Cracked play- ers. Our player base is growing since our...

Custom Enchants MCMMO Network PVP Survival Vanilla



Adventure Bukkit Economy Survival Towny Vanilla



Welcome to Renascence! We are currently a new java and bedrock capable 1.19.2 server.We are still in development but are looking for...

Adventure Economy PVE PVP Survival Vanilla


We are a Minecraft SMP with many features to suit different playstyles. We have an active staff team who are constantly working on improving the...

Economy MCMMO PVE Survival Vanilla


Sovereign Craft

Merging a real economy with the digital world of Minecraft with the power of lightning. Note this IS NOT NFT, Blockchain, or Virtual Currency in...

Economy Network Survival Vanilla


=[ᴇɴ]= Welcome to the Galaxy Network! We are a bilingual server that offers seamless dynamic translation (including chat!) for better understanding...

Cracked Economy MCMMO Skyblock Towny Vanilla



─━─━─━─━─━ ✦「 ᘛ ┼ Welcome to AfriCraft Network !┼ ᘚ 」✦ ─━─━─━─━─━ •Friendly and (trying to be) active community! •IP for the server,...

Bedwars Cracked Network Skyblock Survival Vanilla



Welcome to is an open survival MC Server. Everyone is welcome... Version 1.19.2 Vanilla Server (Java) We are...

Adventure Economy PVE PVP Survival Vanilla



Survival SMP

Economy PVP Raiding Survival Vanilla


Family-friendly mostly "vanilla" survival Minecraft

We are a survival multiplayer Minecraft server with a groups plugin for land protection. We also have pet protection and a duel plugin. We play...

Survival Vanilla



What is KoreMC?** With no gods and no resets! We're a world-building server based in the fantasy world of laventa! We’re primarily a player-led...

Economy Faction Roleplay Survival Towny Vanilla



EUSurvival is a 1.19 no-hack survival server based in the UK that aims to keep the game as vanilla as possible to imitate standard minecraft. There...

Greifing PVE PVP Raiding Survival Vanilla


[HoloCraft SEA Minecraft Server]

Welcome to Holocraft! We're a small but friendly active server, the main purpose is to provide a relax and enjoyable experience for our players!...

Cracked Network Prison Skyblock Survival Vanilla



Thrones of Myridia is an immersive fantasy Minecraft server, with a strict focus on roleplay. On ToM you create your own character and steer through...

Custom Enchants Economy Roleplay Survival Vanilla Whitelist