Faction Minecraft Server List

What is a Minecraft Faction Server?

Minecraft Factions is a game mode based on teams in an open world. The goal is to capture other players' bases while at the same time defending your own from enemies. Different Minecraft Factions Servers have different rules, some allow TNT cannons and clocks while others do not due to lagg being caused in large wars, additionally some servers award cash prizes to the most successful faction of the server each season.

What’s the Best Faction Minecraft Server?

As said above, different servers have different rules. We suggest trying out different Faction servers when the season first starts, this date will vary depending on when the server first started and allows you to hop around and try lots of different mechanics. Lava abuse with no land ownership means you can flood a player's base with lava and there is pretty much nothing they can do about it.

Faction Minecraft Servers

Rank Minecraft Server IP Address Game Modes


The Kingdom of Zerania brings you many breath-taking and thoroughly enjoyable experiences which for sure can be enjoyed by every player that is...

Custom Enchants Economy Faction MCMMO Prison Skyblock



Mineage Features: - Lag free factions pvp and raiding - Auction system, allowing all players to auction. - Capability of destroying Obsidian with 10...

Economy Faction Greifing MCMMO PVE PVP


New Factions server! Just starting out, so basic factions right now Include virtual shop, PVP, and Custom Spawn area Proximity Chat Still developing...

Economy Faction Greifing PVP Raiding Survival


Frost-MC Network

Frost-MC would like to invite you back onto our ever improving Network to try out some of our new games! Along with the new and improved Factions,...

Faction Network Skyblock Survival


Wolfpackmc.net [​1.7 - 1.18] Welcome! If your looking for a server where you can practice your Pvp skills in duels or 1v1's or if your looking...

Faction Greifing PVE PVP Raiding Survival


Faction Network Prison Skyblock Survival


Unicraft // Factions // Economy // PvP

Unicraft is a 24/7 Factions, Survival, PvP and Economy based server which is Java based (1.16.5) but also supports Bedrock. > Raid your Enemies...

Economy Faction PVP Raiding Survival Vanilla


A friendly community focused factions server with a player driven economy. Our goal is to have a fun, balanced server that is player driven and we...

Cracked Economy Faction MCMMO Survival Vanilla



Back to the basics, classic, Factions server. Hopefully heading to bigger, better, more advanced, and more fun things in the future. Come join us and...

Economy Faction MCMMO PVP Survival


We are a chill Minecraft community with factions, economy, and more! Come join our discord https://discord.gg/7Dndntj

Economy Faction MCMMO PVE PVP Survival



A unusual anarchy server with a central city of peace where you can store your shit safely on one chunk. Also you can have protected bases (pay rent...

Adventure Economy Faction Greifing Survival Games


Welcome to Upvaded Network! We are a brand-new Minecraft Server network Administrated and Developed by active and passionate staff. Many of us have...

Economy Faction MCMMO Raiding Skyblock Survival Games



Version: 1.8.x - 1.14.4

Cracked Faction PVP Survival



Dracarys.pro una Gaming Community dedicata al nostro Network di Server Minecraft. Ogni contributo degli Utenti prezioso per noi e viene...

Creative Faction Survival Towny


Are you interested in the ultimate online semi-vanilla survival experience? Then ProtectorsCraft is for you! ProtectorsCraft is a server based solely...

Economy Faction Survival Vanilla


Two RLCraft Servers in one! You can select a Server to your own liking! - PvE with KeepInvntory, Job System, Server Economy, TeamPlays, Markets and...

Cracked Custom Enchants Economy Faction PVP Survival


Faction Minigames Survival


Goodcraft is a dedicated server using to start new explorations with your friends or by yourself. Our server utilizes a handful of plugins to...

Economy Faction MCMMO PVE Skyblock Survival


The Lord of The Rings MMORPG Server/Modpack is a Minecraft server modpack based on The Lord of The Rings novel by J. R. R. Tolkien. It is packed...

Faction MCMMO PVP Survival Technic Launcher Whitelist



shinigami.mcnetwork.me shinigami.mcnetwork.me shinigami.mcnetwork.me shinigami.mcnetwork.me shinigami.mcnetwork.me shinigami.mcnetwork.me

Cracked Faction



ESASMC Cambodia Minecraft Network

Faction KitPVP Minigames PVP Raiding Survival



Welcome to the EndGame! We are a semi-vanilla factions’ server with very simple plugins and no p2w features. Want to relive your old faction days...

Faction Greifing PVP Survival Vanilla



Welcome to the OneCraft server. This is a survival server running on the old version 1.2.5. Here you can survive, build various as well as...

Bukkit Economy Faction PVP Roleplay Survival


Quantum SMP

Quantum SMP An Up and rising Server from the United States. Low Ping, TPS, No Lag (unless your internet is slow then its not our problem) If...

Faction Raiding Survival Survival Games



What is FederalPvP?: FederalPvP is a mass select of servers, from your Classic SMP too the most intense game modes like OP Factions. With a mass of...

Custom Enchants Faction Network Prison Skyblock Survival