Minigames Minecraft Server List

What is Minigames?

Minigames is the collective term used for a combination of small game modes not large enough to be called their own category. This can include Tag, snow wars and may more smaller, niche games.

What is the Best Minigames Minecraft Server?

Checking the list you will see that many of your Minigames Minecraft Servers are those which have multiple. Servers tend to provide a wide variety rather then focus on a single one, if you are looking for the best pick the one with the most votes to start with at number 1 and work your way down. If you find a minigame you like it might be a good idea to find a server that has a dedicated playerbase for that minigame.

Minigames Minecraft Servers

Rank Minecraft Server IP Address Game Modes


MCBall is a custom coded first person shooter paintball game using the Capture the Flag game mode to bring a fun, exciting experience. This...

Bedwars Call of Duty KitPVP Minigames Parkour PVP



Welcome to the Miner Manic Network! Current servers: Survival/Slimefun - 1.16.5 Creative: - 1.16.5 Anarchy: - 1.16.5 Mini Game Servers: ...

Creative Economy Hunger Games Minigames MCMMO Skygrid


== First and foremost welcome to M4N! == Who are we?Minecraft 4 Nerds is a network that accommodates a community of different play styles, whether...

Custom Enchants Economy Minigames MCMMO PVE Survival



Newly released server! [Note: Server will be actually released at 1st of May! Join our discord server for latest news]...

Bukkit Minigames Network TNT Wars


Ladybug MC Network

Join the fun at: Ladybug MC is a new Minecraft server with lots of cool features already implented, and even more features coming soon. The server...

Creative Custom Enchants Minigames MCMMO Network Parkour


[​Java / Bedrock Edition] IP: Discord: *Java Edition is preferred. Hello....

Economy Faction Minigames PVE PVP Survival



#1 Arrising Minecraft Server! Welcome to Schway Hub! Bedwars, Pvp Practice, Hunger Games, Party Games Bedwars (With 1.8 pvp) Pvp Practice (With 1.8...

Adventure Bedwars Hunger Games KitPVP Minigames PVP



The ButteryMC is the last best server in the world. In this server, there’s Enchanted Survival (This is an SMP with custom things added to vanilla)....

Bedwars Creative Economy Minigames Network Survival


BroCraft Gaming

Welcome to BroCraft Gaming Here on BroCraft, we offer a variety of gamemodes, tailored to every players liking We offer lots of Minigames, such...

Creative Faction Minigames Parkour PVP Skywars


Adventure Bukkit Economy Minigames PVE PVP



Community server, dedicated to providing a friendly atmosphere for all sorts of players! With Towny Survival and Minigames, there's plenty to do...

Minigames MCMMO PVP Survival Towny


Hey Crafters Good news for you! If you play minecraft java version, we have just launched our new server named Pixeledge. you can join the server by...

Cracked Minigames Survival Vanilla


Hypixel Network

Starting out as a YouTube channel making Minecraft Adventure Maps, Hypixel is now one of the largest and highest quality Minecraft Server Networks in...

Bedwars Minigames Network PVP Skywars Survival Games


Wither Network

Wither Network WitherNetwork is a custom minigames server, enter to find out features like: - Crates - Points - Tags - 1vs1 Chess Battle - Parkour -...

Custom Enchants Minigames Network OP Prison Parkour Prison


This is a Minecraft server of a Youtuber Divyam Jain. Join Discord server:

Bedwars Cracked Minigames PVP Skyblock


Acqua Craft

⚒️Servidor Inaugurado! ⚒️ ⚠️ Você encontra no servidor: ⚠️ - SOBREVIVÊNCIA ✅ - RPG ✅ - MCMMO ✅ - ECONOMIA REALISTA ✅ - CLÃS ✅ - VIPS ✅ - MOBS...

Custom Enchants Minigames MCMMO PVP Survival Survival Games



Spawnville is a city economy server designed for those miners who aspire to be budding entrepreneurs. Build your empire or become Mayor of your very...

Bedwars Creative Economy Faction Minigames Survival


Minewave Skyblock 1000 ISLAND TOP PRIZE

Skyblock Like Youve Never Seen Before 1000 In Island Top Prizes Custom Everything To Make The Gameplay Unique Minions To Do The Work For You Boss...

Economy Minigames OP PVP PVE PVP Skyblock


Bedwars Creative KitPVP Minigames Network Parkour


Krusty Craft

KrustyCraft is a Minecraft server that supports Bedrock and Java, where all console, mobile, and PC players can all join! The community works hard to...

Cracked Custom Enchants Economy Minigames PVP Survival



are you the guy that wants to make friends and is not loved by anybody. well than this is the place for you, because here you can chat with other...

Bedwars KitPVP Minigames Skyblock


Bedwars KitPVP Minigames Network Skywars Survival



BlockyUniverse is a network that has minigames and a SMP server for Minecraft 1.17.1 - 1.19. You can join our discord server here:...

Adventure Creative Minigames Network PVE Survival



Welcome to the TeakuuMC network where we plan to stick out in the community with our high quality servers and extensive compatibility. TeakuuMC...

Faction Minigames Network Prison Skyblock Survival


Cracked GTA Minigames Roleplay Survival Vanilla