PVE Minecraft Server List

What is a PvE Minecraft Server?

Player vs Environment (PvE) is a focused server on having the world and the NPC’s within it be the force you fight. Some servers include ‘sudo weather’ that affects your builds and home while others have new enemy types and more difficult battles.

How do I find the Best PVE Minecraft Servers?

With so many Minecraft Servers around the world to choose from, how do you know where you can get onto the Best PVE Minecraft Servers as sorted by players votes? We provide a platform which allows you to find that dream Minecraft Server you have been looking for with exactly the right game modes, players to form friends with and a community to back it up for you to enjoy! Voting allows you to get rewards in a Minecraft Server for free, we like to promote this activity as it allows you to progress at no cost. We rank these minecraft servers below based on votes which you, the players, provide by putting in your username on any of these servers.

Best PVE Minecraft Servers

Rank Minecraft Server IP Address Game Modes



Minewind is a next generation survival server designed to handle unlimited amount of players while having no server-side lag. Play survival...

Minigames PVE Raiding Survival Survival Games Vanilla



NeoMedieval 3 ~ Más medieval que nunca. Más de 9 años de desarrollo (desde 2012). Servidor de habla hispana: textos y mensajes en español. Servidor...

Cracked Economy PVE Survival



We're a 1.16.3 SMP server with the best community around! If you enjoy playing Minecraft but don't like worrying about your things getting...

Economy PVE Survival


Welcome to ChillTown! We are a 1.17 Survival server Whether it’s building giant mansions, pranking your friends or something entirely different,...

Economy MCMMO PVE PVP Survival


Bukkit Economy MCMMO Network PVE Survival



Unicord Network Servers: - Slime Society (New Slimefun, Vanilla, Bedwars, Skyguns) - Luna Dovah (Survival) - NeonLight (New Survival) ...

Bedwars Greifing Network PVE Raiding Survival


We are a chill Minecraft community with factions, economy, and more! Come join our discord https://discord.gg/7Dndntj

Economy Faction MCMMO PVE PVP Survival


SkPrison 1.8-1.16 • A Custom, Unique OPPrison Experience • Extremely OPPrison Server. Forget about Trillions, Quadrillions... Welcome the...

Bukkit Custom Enchants Economy OP PVP Prison PVE



Zapraszamy na serwer Energic! Po przerwie w działaniu postanowiliśmy odświeżyć nasz projekt. W obecnym wydaniu postawiliśmy na survival z cuboidami...

Economy PVE PVP Survival


Welcome to DestiCube! We are a freshly made 1.17 Survival Server with a lot of custom features. We are planning some big updates coming soon, come...

Economy MCMMO PVE PVP Survival


Hello I’m Jasper and I am formally inviting you to one of the best Minecraft servers on the RISE! *you are essential to the rise* Aurora Craft is...

Creative MCMMO Network PVE Survival Towny


Try the Classic Vanilla Minecraft using the latest version 1.17.1! • We have no plugins that alter gameplay. • The map limit is...

PVE Survival Vanilla


Legacy is a friendly and welcoming community always listening to the community for feedback to help tailor the server towards you the player! We are...

Custom Enchants Economy MCMMO PVE Survival Towny


Gemcraft was designed for you, the player. We offer many custom features and are constantly working to improve and add more content for our...

Adventure Economy PVE PVP Survival Towny



Two different worlds, an Economy Survival and Skyblock minecraft servers. -The Economy allows PVP, Player shops, grief prevention and more. -Skyblock...

Economy PVE PVP Skyblock Survival


TheosisMC is not like other prison servers with efficiency 1,000 pickaxes right off the bat and sketchy pay-to-win gambling techniques. Instead, we...

Economy MCMMO Prison PVE PVP Survival



PrisonGames is a unique prison of its kind, it has a characteristic pvp, in which you can pull your enemies so they do not escape CLAWS, a weapon...

Adventure Cracked Custom Enchants OP Prison OP PVP PVE


KeyCraft - Roleplay Reinvented

KeyCraft is a Medieval Fantasy Minecraft RPG set in the world of Omnia. Our server runs similarly to a game of Dungeons and Dragons where after...

Adventure PVE PVP Roleplay Survival Vanilla


Another Vanilla

We are a small vanilla survival server. We have claims to protect your builds. Inside your claim you can choose to enable PVP. Play survival...

PVE Survival Vanilla


We are a new minecraft server looking for some cool players to come join the server! We are looking for help with the server such as build and what...

Creative MCMMO PVE PVP Survival


Firestarter - A friendly 1.17 SMP

Firestarter is the simple yet exciting community Minecraft experience you’ve been looking for! Whether you just love to play the game with friends or...

Bukkit Economy MCMMO PVE Survival Vanilla



Rtpixel Survival (cracked) [1.16-1.17] Website: https://www.rtpixel.net/ Store: https://rtpixel.buycraft.net/ Discord: https://discord.gg/BAunkBtZka

Cracked Economy MCMMO PVE PVP Survival


OGCraft is a free-build survival server with toggle PvP! The server features its own Player Market system, balanced McMMo, land claims and more! The...

Bedwars Economy MCMMO Network PVE Survival


AflyeMC Survival

A Unique Semi-Vanilla Experience - AflyeMC Welcome to AflyeMC, we are a brand spankin' new Semi-Vanilla Minecraft server. AflyeMC is owned by a...

Economy PVE Survival


- Самый дружный сервер БЕЗ ВАЙПОВ. У нас крутая атмосфера, хорошая администрация и классные игроки. - Свой красивый спавн, который строили с любовью....

Bukkit Economy PVE PVP Survival Vanilla