Custom Enchants Minecraft Server List

What are Minecraft Custom Enchants?

Minecraft has the ability to be ‘modded’, that is be modified in a way to edit/add new things to the game that the original developers might not have thought of or didn’t think too place in the game. Minecraft Custom Enchants are exactly that, player created enchants that add new abilities to the game.

What’s the Best Custom Enchants Server?

Usually the Best Custom Enchants Server is the server that provides players with upgradable and extremely overpowered enchants. Want to mine a whole ore vein in one go? Or maybe a whole chunk? Now you are getting the idea of what's possible! Weapons, Armour and almost anything you can think of have this ability in the servers listed.

Custom Enchants Minecraft Servers

Rank Minecraft Server IP Address Game Modes


House Of Gamers

Ο House Of Gamers είναι ένας Ελληνικός Minecraft SMP στον οποίο μπορείς να παίξεις Survival με τους φίλους σου. Ο Server έχει Economy, Crates, Custom...

Cracked Custom Enchants Economy Network Survival


Mishka Craft!

Hey There! MishkaCraft is a semi-vanilla java server dedicated to creating an exciting community based Minecraft experience. We have a full economy...

Adventure Custom Enchants Economy PVE PVP Survival



_________________________________________________________________________ "Una aventura épica. Vives en Arcadia, eres heredero de los primeros...

Custom Enchants Economy MCMMO Network PVE Survival


FearMC is a full prison op server for Minecraft that has been customized to please the general public. It is made for people who prefer fam and for...

Custom Enchants Economy Minigames OP Prison OP PVP PVP


GodCraft Network [​1.17.1] Entra y Diviertete contamos con modalidades como: *Survival Progress [​1.17.1] Para mas informacion entra al...

Custom Enchants Economy PVP Survival


4GAMING Network е мрежа от сървъри, която се стреми да предаде най-добрия gaming experience на своите играчи. Сървърът има всички плугини от които се...

Cracked Custom Enchants Economy PVP Survival




Bedwars Custom Enchants Economy PVP Skyblock Survival


Elysium Towny

Hey there, welcome to Elysium! Our server is a SMP with additional plugins & features to keep it as fun as possible. Some of the content added...

Custom Enchants Economy Survival Towny


MineTribes is a custom and unique OP-Prison Experience. Some of the unique features: - Custom Enchants - Rename Tokens - Token Blocks -...

Bukkit Custom Enchants Economy MCMMO Network OP Prison



Version: 1.17.1 Gamemode: Survival, Hard Theme: Greek Mythology Protection: LWC IP Address: Website:...

Bukkit Custom Enchants MCMMO PVE Roleplay Survival



Comunidad LGTBQIA+, feminista, bodypositive, prominorías y procolectivos de InclusiveCraft. Juega un survival completamente modificado, rolea o crea...

Cracked Custom Enchants Economy Network Skyblock Survival



TavernMC is a friendly, peaceful and relaxed survival economy server which aims to preserve the semi-vanilla experience of minecraft. On top of this...

Bukkit Custom Enchants Economy MCMMO Survival Vanilla


Làng Bee Network MC

Server Minecraft RPG Survival mới mở mang lại nhiều trải nghiệm thú vị và cực kì try hard với hệ thống trang bị và quái vật vô cùng đặc sắc.

Adventure Custom Enchants PVE PVP Roleplay Survival


RMR MC Server

RMR MC Server is a Minecraft 1.16.5 modded server with Survival, Minions, Skyblock, Quests, Bank, Auction House, Bosses, Economy, Land Claims, Custom...

Custom Enchants Economy PVP Skyblock Survival


Bukkit Custom Enchants Economy Towny Vanilla



The official Minecraft server for the Community!​ -Survival -Latest Server Version​ -24/7 Uptime​ -Active Staff -Anti-Grief​ -Economy -Land...

Custom Enchants Economy MCMMO Survival



Unique alternate skyblock, CAVEBLOCK. Instead making a home in the sky, you make a home in a cave, digging your space out. Server feature with over...

Custom Enchants Economy MCMMO PVE PVP Skyblock



A fun and new mmorpg game. Discover a new world full of custom mobs and gear where one must battle and perfect their skills to defeat stronger bosses...

Custom Enchants Economy PVE Survival