PVE Minecraft Server List

What is a PvE Minecraft Server?

Player vs Environment (PvE) is a focused server on having the world and the NPC’s within it be the force you fight. Some servers include ‘sudo weather’ that affects your builds and home while others have new enemy types and more difficult battles.

PVE Minecraft Servers

Rank Minecraft Server IP Address Game Modes



Hey all! Thanks for checking out our MinecraftServers page! Skuad is a pretty casual survival Minecraft! We run a variety of plugins to make the...

Bukkit Economy MCMMO PVE Survival Vanilla


A Minecraft server with classic vanilla experience and the latest version 1.20.4! • We have no mods that alter gameplay. • The map...

PVE Survival Vanilla


Cherry Block

  Cherry Block is a Vanilla Survival server with an accepting community looking for friendly people to come together and hang out on Minecraft. ...

Economy PVE Roleplay Survival Vanilla



CladeCraft is a fun and unique server with Towny, OneBlock, KitPvP, and Minigames! Just updated to 1.20! The server is running 1.20.1, but you can...

KitPVP MCMMO PVE PVP Survival Towny


## Adventure Calls! Discover Your Playground on TurtleCraftNetwork: Skyblock, Quests, Factions, Arcade & More! **Ready to unleash your inner...

Adventure Economy PVE PVP Skyblock Survival


SyroCraft | Vanilla Survival

We also support Bedrock clients! Come play from your consoles using the port 15935 and our IP!

Creative PVE PVP Survival Survival Games Vanilla



Survival | Crates | PVE | Quests | Economy | Skills | Land Claim | Ranks | Jobs | and much more! Join now for a fun adventure!

Custom Enchants Economy Network PVE PVP Survival



Welcome to EggMC, the ultimate Minecraft survival server! We've crafted a finely-tuned experience where survival is at its best. Explore custom...

Custom Enchants Economy PVE PVP Survival Survival Games



Officially Sponsored by TeamSpeak, download it today! https://teamspeak.com/en/?utm_source=sponsor&utm_campaign=sameteem We're happy to...

Bukkit Economy Faction MCMMO PVE PVP


CityBuild, FreeBuild, Wirtschaftssystem & etwas PvP [1.8-1.18]

ungeteert.de Was bieten wir dir? Freebuild: Eine große Welt mit vielen Bauwerken und aktiven Spielern. Citybuild: Du kannst gut bauen und jeder...

Bukkit Economy MCMMO PVE PVP Survival


NeonHeights Minecraft

i'm not delusional. I know full well that even a perfect server will not force you to join every waking moment of your life. Despite this truth...

Custom Enchants MCMMO Parkour PVE PVP Survival


Welcome to Cobblehaven! Bringing the cobblemon experience to vanilla Minecraft! If you enjoy the survival aspects of Minecraft then you'll have...

Curse Pixelmon PVE PVP Survival Technic Launcher


Big PP Power

We are a survival server!

Adventure Economy Parkour PVE Survival Vanilla


ToastCraft is a survival Towny server on 1.20 that uses McMMO, ChestShop, SilkSpawners, Death Chests, and more! You can connect using Minecraft...

Economy MCMMO PVE PVP Survival Towny


Ayr Survival Server!

Embark on an Unforgettable Adventure: Join us in our immersive Minecraft Survival Server and dive into a world of endless possibilities. From the...

MCMMO PVE PVP Survival Towny Vanilla



Welcome to Vaxel, your top EU Minecraft destination! Enjoy battles of Lifesteal, conquer challenges of Prison, and dominate SkyPvP. Join us for an...

Cracked KitPVP OP Prison OP PVP PVE PVP


Simple Survival

Simple Survival is a survival Minecraft server offering a wide range of possibilities to enhance your Minecraft experience on 1.19. The server offers...

Economy Network PVE Survival Survival Games Vanilla



Darcraft is a kind of nightmare difficulty true survival! If you are looking for a real challenge that is also not too far from vanilla - this...

PVE Survival Whitelist


Since 2017

Adventure Cracked PVE PVP Survival Vanilla


A Minecraft Story always starts with a block. Explore the world with your friends without limits with our 24/7 server! Create guilds, promote your...

Cracked MCMMO PVE Skyblock Survival Towny


Welcome to Hollowtree, a place to unwind, make friends, and thrive beyond mere survival. We’re not just a server, we’re a community that values...

Economy Minigames MCMMO Network PVE Survival


Craft, build, survive, vanilla. A fresh and simple semi-vanilla survival experience with teleportation, grief prevention, trading, and shops! Come...

Bukkit Economy PVE PVP Survival Vanilla



HelloMiners is a modern city economy server. In our server you will start with nothing but some cash in your pocket, a handful of food and some basic...

Bukkit Economy PVE Roleplay Survival


Mega Craft is a portuguese server based on Survival, PvE, PvP and Roleplay, which encourages socializing and the development of a welcoming and...

Cracked Economy MCMMO PVE PVP Survival



Mineage Features: - Lag free factions pvp and raiding - Auction system, allowing all players to auction. - Capability of destroying Obsidian with 10...

Economy Faction Greifing MCMMO PVE PVP