Minecraft EULA. What is it?

It’s now only a couple of weeks to the enforcement of Mojang’s extremely unpopular Minecraft EULA comes to the server owner community, starting on 1st August 2014. But what does the actually mean?

How to Protect World Guard

Hey guys whats up xmynameiskyle here and today im showing you how to protect your land with world guard!

How to make a Minecraft Server (1.7.9)

Here is a tutorial made by Spencer Aka Redmuffin on how to make a 1.7.9 Minecraft Server! With the new update there has been a new tutorial made to help you all out with any issues you may have.

How to install Votifer

Here is a quick tutorial on how to install the votifer plugin on your server, it can be used on your servers to incentivise users to vote for your server. Created by TheToddMod.

How to Create a Minecraft Server (Bukkit)

Here is a tutorial on how to create your first Minecraft Server with a Bukkit base. This is the first tutorial from one of are new content creators FIREDAWG248 so lets see how well he did!

How to make a Hexxit Server

Are resident tutorial maker TechnoGaming is back with yet another wonderful video and step by step guide on how to create your own hexxit server completely free!