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How to make a Minecraft Server (1.7.9)

Created by Spencer Aka Redmuffin - YouTube Channel

Minecraft Server

Hey Guys MuffinMan Here To bring you a tutorial on How To Create A Minecraft Server 1.7.9 And How to Port Forward.

Download the server files:

Troubleshooting near the bottom!

To setup the Java Path:
1) Start
2) Right click "computer"
3) "Properties"
4) "Advanced System Setttings
5) "Environmental Variables..."
6) Scroll down until you find "path"
7) Click "edit"
8) Enter the following in the text box called "variable value:"

;"c:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin"

*I forgot to mention... YOU NEED TO HAVE 64-BIT JAVA.
You can download it here:


You can connect, but your friends can't?
1) Make sure that you're giving them the right IP address, it would be the number you get if you google search "what is my IP"
2) Make sure your server is running properly, and you're not getting errors.
3) Check to see if you have the most recent file, if you're getting the error "outdated server"
4) Make sure you've set up port forwarding correctly. If after everything they still can't connect, this is the issue. Port forwarding varies from router to router and internet provider to internet provider, so there's not really one single tutorial that would be the same for everyone. A good resource is http://www.portforward.com

"ipconfig" not recognized as an internal or external command? To fix that you can do either of the following:

1) Open up your start menu,
2) Type "cmd", right click on it and "Run as Administrator",
3) Type in "ipconfig /all" without the quotations.

If that doesn't work, try this:

1) Find the "Network Internet Access" icon in the notification tray,
2) Right click and select "Open Network and Sharing Center",
3) Click "Change adapter settings",
4) Find your connection (ethernet or wifi) and right click on "Properties",
5) Scroll down and make sure "Internet Protocol Version 4" is checked.